ICT Policy for Students

Why are IT devices needed in school?

Curriculum integration with the use of technology involves the infusion of technology as a tool to enhance the learning in a content area or multidisciplinary setting. Technology enables students to learn in ways not previously possible. Effective integration of technology is achieved when students are able to select technology tools to help them obtain information in a timely manner, analyze and synthesize the information, and present it professionally. We at Fountainhead believe that technology should become an integral part of the classroom. Students will have to use computers for research/projects/collaboration for various subjects and so we expect students to bring their own IT devices to school i.e. Chromebook & laptops

Acceptable Use

  • The school defines acceptable use as activities that directly or indirectly support the academics of students.
  • Students are blocked from accessing certain websites during school hours such as Facebook, twitter, and other social networking sites. Though, google plus is acceptable for sharing within the school.
  • The usage of devices will be recommended by the respective teacher for their classrooms. Students may also use these devices at times for research work, report writing, presentation making during their breaks of free periods(if any) by the permission of the respective teacher.
  • Devices may not be used at any time to:
    • Store or transmit illicit materials
    • Harass others
    • Download or view/listen/play music, games, movies and any material which is not related to academics.
  • The students will be provided individual lockers and they should keep their devices in their lockers, when not in use.
  • The students are expected to bring their devices fully charged from home.

Devices and Support

    • It is mandatory for all students to purchase Chromebook immediately after joining the school and carry Chromebook to school from the first day. Any student without a Chromebook will be put on detention until they bring the Chromebook. In case a student has purchased it but it is taking time so they are required to produce any proof of purchase e.g. receipt of purchase, email or note from the vendor. After submitting the proof they will be exempted from detention.
    • In case of Chromebooks purchased from outside, in case the warranty isn’t accepted by the local service dealer, then the school has no responsibility in the same.
    • In case of a new purchase, students need to submit the Chromebook to the IT department to get the CMC done from school.
      • Surprise Chromebook checking in the classes will be done time to time and if it is found that the Chromebook is without CMC then it will be confiscated for seven working days. If by mistake any student removes the CMC then they need to immediately contact IT team to get it activated again otherwise, the same consequence will be applicable.
      • Any Chromebook without CMC will be treated as the student haven’t bought a chrome book to school. In this case, the student will be put on detention until they purchase the CMC.
      • The CMC needs to be purchased for every new device e.g. if a student’s Chromebook is not working and s/he decides to purchase a new Chromebook then again CMC needs to taken with the new Chromebook. 
  • IT will not give any support unless and until the students have a CMC and sensor installed on their devices.
  • Devices must be presented to IT for configuration before they can access the network.
  • The students are not allowed to bring USB/data card/dongle to access the internet within school premises. If students are found possessing any of these in the school premises then it will be immediately confiscated. The Internet should be accessed from school wifi connection only.
  • Special software(s) required for senior year students e.g. for IGCSE Art & Design and Visual Arts in the DP:
  • Students can buy license software if they wish to but they must only have the legitimate software.
  • They can use free tools or paid tools on the cloud; if needed, in this case, they can also use the school PCs as that will offer better computing power that their own devices.
  • Students have to bear all such costs and the school would not bear these costs. Therefore students also need to be told beforehand about the costs that they need to incur.


  • The student’s device may be remotely disconnected from the network if 1) the device is lost,2) IT detects a data or policy breach, a virus or similar threat to the security of the school’s data and technology infrastructure.
  • In addition, the IT Dept. reserves the right to scan the network to assist in identifying and protecting against exploitable security vulnerabilities (e.g., viruses or worms) in efforts to preserve network integrity. Information gathered in such scans will be used only for the explicit purpose of monitoring network security.
  • The school uses a firewall system, which will be protecting student devices and also prevents students from accessing inappropriate content within as well as outside the school premises.


  • Please refer following table to check blocked / unblocked internet categories at home.
    • If a student wants to access anything from the blocked categories (website/youtube) from home; they can do it from any other device available at home but not from their Chromebook. If they are accessing any blocked category from home then parent supervision is recommended.


Website categories Youtube categories
Blacklisted Categories Subcategories Whitelisted Categories Subcategories Blacklisted Categories Whitelisted categories
Academic Dishonesty Archives Entertainment Action/Adventure
Aggressive Behavior Guns News Film & Animation Anime/Animation
Intolerance & Hate Religious Gaming Autos & Vehicles
Violence Shopping Cell Phones And Add-Ons Horror Classics
Weapons Clothing Movies Comedy
Business Banking E-Commerce Sci-Fi/Fantasy Documentary
Bitcoin Online Auctions Short Movies Drama
Job Search Social Twitter Shows Education
Online Payment Sports Thriller Family
Personal Finance Translators Trailers Foreign
Controlled Substances Alcohol Sale Traveling   Howto & Style
Drugs   Music
Tobacco News & Politics
Entertainment Audio/Video Downloads Nonprofits & Activism
Celebrity Gossip People & Blogs
Magazines Pets & Animals
Movie Tickets Science & Technology
Movies And Television Shorts
Music Sports
Radio Travel & Events
Games Gambling Video Blogging
Gaming Information  
Online Games
Malicious Sites Add-Ons
File Hosting
Infected Sites
Sexual Nudity
Social Chat Rooms
Instant Messaging
Social Networking
Time Wasting Fan Fiction
Web Comics



  • The school reserves the right to disconnect devices or disable services without notification.
  • Lost or stolen devices must be reported to the Coordinators asap.
  • The student is expected to use his or her devices in an ethical manner at all times and adhere to the school’s acceptable use policy as outlined above.
  • The student is personally liable for all costs associated with his or her device.
  • The student assumes full liability for risks including damage (partial or full), theft or loss. We advise parents to ensure that devices are covered by insurance to cover the risk of damage, loss or theft.


Expectations and Consequences


  • The school has a zero-tolerance policy for violation of the above rules.
  • The students found using their personal devices in school for games, music, movies etc unless permission has been given, the following process shall be followed.


Violation of Policy as stated above Consequence Parents’ Involvement Rationale
First Instance A gentle reminder of the IT usage policy No information First step will remind the student of the necessity of the policy.
Second Instance Reading / watching a resource on discipline and reflection Parents are sent a note Second step will be let the student understand the importance of discipline.
Third Instance Reading / watching a resource on Integrity and making a presentation of the same Parents are called to school for a counseling session along with the student Second step should be let the student understand the value of integrity
Repeated Instance One of the above, plus action as decided by the Coordinator and/or HOS Parents will be informed For this level of issues, case to case basis action plan is necessary.


For additional information related to Chromebook usage guidelines, please refer to
Parent Undertaking – Chromebook


I Mr./Mrs. ___________________________, parent of ___________________________ have read the Policy for Usage of laptops & internet in school and agree to abide by the same.


Date:________________ Parent’s sign:______________


I  ___________________________, Grade________________________ have read the Policy for Usage of laptops & internet in school and agree to abide by the same.


Date:________________ Student’s sign:______________


For additional information related to chromebook usage guidelines, please refer to Parent Undertaking – Chromebook