Sports at Fountainhead have two components:

  1. Physical Education (PE) 
  2. Personal Sports (PS)

Physical Education (PE): In the IB  PYP (primary years program), Physical Education is called PSPE (Personal, Social & Physical Education) which is concerned with the individual well being through the promotion and development of a concepts, knowledge, attitude, skills and action. At Fountainhead we follow 5 experiences of PYP which are mentioned below:

  • Health Related Activity: Student should incorporate a healthy life style. They learn the importance of being healthy, by taking care of food, rest & exercise, understanding the importance of hygiene and how to use a first aid box during injuries.
  • Games: Students learn indoor and outdoor games to develop social, communication, thinking and self management skill. They learn the importance of making and applying strategies, fair play, and understanding the strength and weakness of themselves and others.
  • Adventure Challenges: Students learn adventure activities and learn the importance of taking risks, safety and develop self confidence, self management and thinking skills.
  • Movement Composition: Students learn movement composition which contains gymnastics, dance and martial art moves. We focus more on gymnastics activities to make our students more flexible, quick and sharp in their movement. Student should be able to perform gymnastic exercises and all hand to hand or hand to neck or hand to waist self defense.
  • Individual Pursuits: Students take up individual sports like athletics, adventure, karate and skating to develop their thinking, self management, research and communication skills. They should understand their strength and weaknesses in any individual sports to identify their talent and the importance of thinking, taking-risk, developing confidence and taking care of safety.

Personal Sports (PS): PS is a sport of students choice. PS consists of a mixture of cardiovascular, endurance, strength training and flexibility exercises that are designed to benefit the whole body. Our physical instructors continue to research the best training methods known to the fitness world, and they put in the effort to train all the sports matching the current standard. Apart from the Physical Education Program, students at Fountainhead have a choice to take up either Martial Arts (Karate), Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Athletics and Skating. Fountainhead plans to start before & after school sports activities from the upcoming session.

Fountainhead School students regularly participate in various sport events like Inter house championships, Inter school championships, District level championships, State level championships, National level championships, Khel Mahakumbh, World Gojukai Karate Do championship, Subroto Cup, Ultimate, etc.