Fee structure



To be paid at the time of admission (for all grades):

One time Admission Fee (Non refundable) 60,000
One time Security Deposit1 40,000
Total 1,00,000


Annual Education Fee:

Grades Amount
Nursery 1,06,020
Junior KG & Senior KG 1,30,178
Grades 1 – 6 1,54,158
Grades 7 – 10 1,90,974
Grade 11 & 12 3,59,370


Fee Payment Schedule:

Instalments Last Date Nursery JK/SK Grade 1 – 6 Grade 7 – 10 Grade 11 & 12
Tuition Fee- 1st Instalment (Term 1 –  June to November) 5th April 2017 53,010 65,089 77,079 95,487 1,79,685
Tuition Fee- 2nd Instalment (Term 2 – December to May) 30th September2017 53,010 65,089 77,079 95,487 1,79,685



Fees Include Fees does not Include
Transport Bus fees cover pick up and dropping off the student from a designated location as detailed in Transportation Routes. (Transportation expenses are covered only for the given routes)
  • Transportation may not be provided for a location falling outside of the planned route. If the school offers transportation such a location, then additional fees will be charged.
  • Transport for early morning sports camp, outstation trips/ sports camps and picnics.
Daily HealthyMeal One fresh and nutritious meal will be provided to students every day.
  • One meal from home.
SchoolEssentials Notebooks, limited stationery & educational supplies, library & computer usage.
  • Prescribed textbooks as applicable and readers for all grades which are part of the course work.
  • Library charges for late deposit or lost book, late fees on account of delayed deposit of Tuition Fees, recovery of any damages.
  • Bag, shoes, school uniform, sports uniform, sports related materials/ music instruments.
Co-curricular and ExtracurricularActivities

(Trips, events,

competitive exams)

All essential field trips, in-house visits (not including camps or other outstation trips whether educational or essential)
All extracurricular activities offered by the school (within regular school timings & days)All internally held examinations (not including external examinations whether compulsory or optional)
All events including sports day, annual day & other special days
  • All outstation education trips/nature camps/ picnics
  • Material charges, books and examination fees for checkpoint, IGCSE etc.
  • Charges for expenses incurred for Interschool Events in the Sports & Performing Arts areas.
  • Annual Day costumes/props rental expenses.
  • Additional learning support provided to student from special Educational Needs cell or Additional English Language Support (AELS) cell.
Portfolio All observation records and worksheets, photos to be a part of the portfolio
  • End of year memories, CD’s, Yearbook, videos, annual day CD’s etc.

1This deposit becomes refundable only when the child leaves the school. It is refundable given that all fees have been paid in full – subject to deductions for replacement, repair and damage to school property including library books, computers etc.

Refer to fee policy in “Parents’ Undertaking” for details.


Imprest deposit is collected to avoid cash transactions through the student for various activities mentioned below during the entire academic year. Charges which are optional will be deducted from the respective imprest amount of the student only with prior consent / information to the parents.


Grade Imprest Amount Cost incurred on Educational trips in 2016-17
Nursery & Junior KG 1,000 None
Senior KG 2,000 None
Grade 1 7,500 Kevdi – 3000/-
Grade 2 10,500 Zainabad – 5500/-
Grade 3* 10,500 Jambughoda – 4500/-
Grade 4* 10,500 Mahal – 2500/-
Grade 5 11,000 Dholavira – 7000/-
Grade 6 14,000 Durshet/Imagica – 7000/-
Grade 7 20,000 Gir Beyt Dwarka – 14600/-
Grade 8 20,000 Delhi, Amritsar, Agra – 17000/-
Grade 9 20,000 Madhya Pradesh – 19000/-
Grade 10 20,000 Jayalgarh – 23500/-
Grade 11 25,000 Dharamshala – 17500/-
Grade 12 10,000 Kerala – 37000/-


* Despite the Grade 3 & 4 trip cost being lower, the imprest total is higher. This is due to the cost of books  & other stuff.

We have included educational trip (Nature camp) cost in the Imprest deposit for the Primary years. This cost is added based on historicals (given in bracket) for the past three years.  Educational trips are recommended for all the students.

For efficient planning of the trip, we need to make travel plans well in advance (4 months in case of train travel). To ensure that we are able to do this, we have a opt-out system instead of a opt-in system from this year onwards. The trip details will be announced by 20th July 2017.

By default all the students will be confirmed for the trip. In case you want to opt out for any reason you will have to inform the school latest by 10 August 2017. Trip amount will be refunded only in case you opt out by 10 August 2017. After 10 August cancellation charges  will be applicable as per the respective vendor’s policy in addition to the cancellation charges of railway tickets.

For Senior school (Grade 7-12) the amount added for the trip is only Rs 5000/-. Additional cost will be once the trip costs are finalized. In case you opt out by 10th August 2017, Rs. 5000 amount be refunded. Otherwise refund will be as per the refund policy.



Every student of Grade 5 and above is expected to purchase a Google Chromebook. From Grade 1-4, the school is investing in a set of 20 chromebooks for each grade level.

The cost of the chromebook will range from Rs. 20,000/- to Rs. 25,000/- approximately which will be apart from the fees (this price range is based on current year prices and might change as per market rate every year).

Imprest Deposit covers the following expenses:

  • All outstation educational trips / nature camps / picnics (optional but highly recommended).
  • Library charges for late deposit or lost book, late fees on account of delayed deposit of Tuition Fees, recovery of any damages (not optional).
  • Prescribed text books as applicable and readers for the other classes (not optional).
  • Charges for expenses incurred for interschool events in the Sports & Performing Arts areas (optional).
  • AS/PS, annual day rental expenses (not optional unless not participating).
  • Competitive exam & material charges for ASSET (not optional).
  • Registration & Examination Fee for Grade 8 checkpoint, IGCSE & DP- Charges as per the choice/number of subjects.
  • AS (Arts Special) Classes- Charges as per the choice/number of subjects.
  • Miscellaneous – Oasis Valley leadership camp, Aero-modelling camps, Robotics camp, any other workshops etc.
  • This imprest deposit is to be paid in a single instalment along with the 1st instalment of the Academic fees due by April 5, 2017.
  • The school will ask for approval wherever the expense to be incurred is optional. The school will send you the actual expense details twice a year (1st in December & 2nd in April).
  • At the end of academic session, remaining balance (if any) will be carry forwarded to next academic session. In case of any shortfall during the year, school may ask for more imprest deposit as per the requirement.

Additional charges for DP:-

  1. DP examination fees will be approximately Rs. 60,000/- to Rs. 70,000/- which will have to be paid in G 12.
  2. Additionally, approximately  Rs. 15,000/- to Rs. 20,000/- will be spent for CAS activities.