We are starting the admission process for academic session 2015-16 for Junior KG from 15th September 2014.

Admission process for other grades will commence from 1st December 2014.

Admission process for the academic session 2015-16 is as under:

Step 1 : Attending the “Education for Tomorrow” workshop and collection of admission packet

Step 2: Complete the admission process in school (Submission of all the documents, payment of the admission process, submission of the online admission form)

Step 3: Interaction with parent / candidate (if needed)

Step 4: Communication of the admission status -  Draw System (In case there are  more applicants than the number of seats available)

Step 5: Deposit fees (PDC cheque)

Step 6: Confirmation.

STEP 1: Attending the “Education for Tomorrow” workshop and collection of admission packet:

It is mandatory to attend this workshop (preferably both parents) if you are seeking admission at Fountainhead School, Kunkni.

Please note that If you have not attended the “Education for Tomorrow” (EFT) workshop on any of the above mentioned dates, , then you will not be eligible to complete the admission process.  The admission packets will be distributed before the EFT workshops and will not be available from the Front Desk.

Details regarding the workshop will be on our website. To register for the workshop, you can fill the EFT registration form from our website ( or fill the slip attached and register for the workshop.

STEP 2: Completing the admission process:

a. Submission of all the documents :
Parents seeking admission for the year 2015-16, need to come to school as per the admission dates along with  ALL the documents mentioned below.

What needs to be submitted:

  • Notarized photocopy of your child’s  birth certificate
  • Five passport size photographs of the child
  • One family photograph (parents, child & siblings only)
  • Kindergarten recommendation form (only for Nursery, Jr. KG & Sr. KG. – applicable for non Fountainhead Preschool students)
  • PDC (post dated cheque) of Rs. 1,00,000/- (One time non refundable admission fee, Rs. 60,000/- and refundable Security deposit, Rs. 40,000/-) when you come for the admission process. Payee name: “Fountainhead Education Trust”.
  • Language Profile form

All the documents need to be complete. If any document is incomplete/missing, then you will not be eligible to complete the admission process.

b. Payment of the Admission process:
Payment of Admission form fees, has to be done once the documents are submitted.

Admission process fees are:

  • Pre-primary (Jr.KG )– Rs. 2000/-

c. Submission of Admission Form:
Parents will have to fill up an online Admission form in school after the payment of Rs. 2000/-  and submission of documents.  As a part of admission process, it is MANDATORY to fill up the online admission form. If you face any problem in filling the online admission form, our admission team will be there to guide  you.

Step 3: Interaction with parent/ candidate:

You will receive a call for parent / candidate interaction(if needed for Jr. KG) once the admission process (submission of documents and online form) is complete.

Step 4:Communication of the admission status:

After the submission of documents and filling online admission form, communication regarding admission status will be done through our school’s website. If we have more applicants than the seats, a draw system will be used.

For draw system, parents can come to school on a pre decided date (26 September 2014) if they wish to.

Step 5: Deposit fees (PDC cheque)

Once the admission is granted, PDC cheque given by you earlier will be deposited in our account. In case the cheque is returned due to any reason, admission will be cancelled and will be released for the next waitlisted student

Step 6: Confirmation.

Once the fees (admission fees and security deposit)  is credited in our account, confirmation of admission will be given through SMS/email and fee receipt will be sent to you.


  • Please fill up all the details carefully. The name of child and parent should be as per submitted document only.
  • In case of any change, it should be supported by appropriate legal documents.
  • The school will not entertain requests for change in names after the admission is confirmed.
  • The parents must fill in the admission forms themselves
  • Neither collection of admission form nor its submission is a guarantee of admission to the school.
  • Admission form fees are non refundable.
  • Preference in admission will be given to the following:
  • Staff wards
  • Siblings of current students
  • Fountainhead Preschool students
For registration of ‘Education for Tomorrow’ workshop or any queries please contact on 3029000 or email at