Admission process for the academic session 2014-15 is as under:

  • Attend “EDUCATION FOR TOMORROW” Workshop
  • Submission of online inquiry form.
  • Payment for admission process (net banking or at school)
  • Submission of online admission form
  • Submission of all documents ( hard copy)-   collect admission packet from school or take a printout of the list of documents needed, which is available online/ email
  • Assessment test and parent interaction.
  • Communication of the result and admission status.
  • Deposit fees.
  • Confirmation
  • Collect fee receipt.


It is mandatory to attend this workshop (preferably both parents) if you are seeking admission at Fountainhead School, Kunkni. Attendance of both the parents will be one of the deciding factors for granting admissions. Therefore, we recommend that you make it a point to attend this workshop.

Details regarding the workshop will be communicated through phone call/SMS.

STEP 2: Submission of online inquiry form:

  • As a part of online admission process it is mandatory to fill up the online inquiry form.
  • You need to fill the Inquiry Form.
  • Fill up the complete inquiry form with all the details and submit online.

Step 3: Payment for admission form - either online or at school.

  • Make the payment for admission form through netbanking. Payment option available once you submit inquiry form.
  • You can also visit the school and pay for the admission form at the Front Desk.
  • Form fees are
  • Pre-primary (Nursery, Jr.Kg, Sr. Kg) – Rs.2000/-
  • Primary (Grade 1- 6)– Rs.2500/-
  • Middle Years (Grade 7-10) & Senior Years ( G11) – 2500/-

The Admission Packet contains the following:

  • Admission Process (that you are reading)
  • Fee Structure
  • Admission Form Request
  • Parents’ Handbook (Parents’ & Students’ Policies)


Admission Policy
Attendance Policy
Canteen Policy
Code of Conduct for Parents
Damage & Loss
Discipline Policy
Educational Philosophy
Fee, Imprest,  School Leaving Certificate & Fee Refund Policy
Food in Bus Policy
Food Policy
Gift & Celebration Policy
Health Exclusion Policy
Library Policy
No Tuition Policy
Office Working Policy
Parent Role In Education
Toys & Gadgets Policy
Transport & Related Behavior
Uniform Policy
  • Parents Undertaking
  • Kindergarten Recommendation Form (only for Nursery, Jr. KG & Sr. KG. – non Fountainhead Preschool students)
  • Bank Slip

Step 4: Submission of online admission form

  • A username and password will be generated after 24 hours.  This username and password will be sent to you through SMS and email.
  • After receiving the user name and password please log on to the school website and click Admissions=> Registration Form to fill up the online admission form. A new window will open in which you will have to enter the username and password given to you.
  • Without the username and password, admission form cannot be accessed.
  • Fill the complete admission form with all the details and submit online.

Step 5: Submission of all documents (hard copy)

*Please submit the following,  to the school, sealed in an envelope, mentioning Students Name, grade and Contact details.

  1. Admission Form Request with complete details, signed by parent.
  2. Attested photocopy of Birth Certificate
  3. Four passport size photographs and one family photograph (parents, child & siblings only)
  4. “Parents’ Undertaking” signed by both parents.
  5. Previous two year’s Report Card (G 1-9 and 11)
  6. Original School Leaving Certificate (Please submit it before 30th  April).


  • Please fill up all the details carefully. The name of child and parent should be as per submitted document only.
  • In case of any change, it should be supported by appropriate legal documents.
  • The school will not entertain requests for change in names after the admission is confirmed.
  • The parents must fill in the admission forms themselves
  • Neither collection of admission form nor its submission is a guarantee of admission to the school.
  • Admission form fees are non refundable.
  • Preference in admission will be given to the following:
  • Staff wards
  • Siblings of current students
  • Fountainhead Preschool students
For registration of ‘Education for Tomorrow’ workshop or any queries please contact on 3029000 or email at