Canteen Policy


  • Provide attractive, nutritious and healthy meals at an affordable price.
  • To act as a supplement to food that students bring from home where needed
  • When at times they are unable to get a proper healthy meal from home, then they can buy it from the canteen.

Applicable to:

This Policy applies to all students, staff and parents.

Value (s) guiding policy:*

a) Value Term: Excellence

b) Why: I always implement practices that continue to produce valued outcomes.


In case of students’ stay back or in case of middle year students who are here till later, it can act as supplementary food.

  1. Apply high standards of hygiene in relation to the preparation, storage and serving of food at the canteen.
  2. promoting healthy eating habits in line with the School’s educational programs
  3. designing nutritious seasonal menus

Pantry Facility:

We have a school canteen for the convenience of students, staff and parents. The school canteen stocks healthy food only. Presently our Canteen menu includes the following:

Items Cost *
Vegetable Sandwich – whole wheat bread 25
Vegetable Cheese Sandwich – whole wheat bread 35
Cheese Sandwich – whole wheat bread 22
Bread Butter – whole wheat bread 12
Cheese Slice 10
Butter Milk 12
Lemonade 5
Flavored Milk  (Kesar,  Rose) 20
Flavored Lassi (Mango, Plain) 20
Peanuts /Popcorn 10
Banana (2 pieces) 5
Today’s Special (as per the menu)** 15

* Costs are subject to change based on input costs.

** Present Today’s Special Menu is given along with the monthly food menu. This menu is subject to change.

  • We have added healthy food items in school menu . Canteen working hours are from 8:00-11:30 am and   2:00 – 4:30 pm.  Students of Grade 1-10 can buy these items from canteen during the First Meal Break only and then after 2:00 pm (only for Grade 1-6 students who are staying back and all Middle Year students).
  • Please note that some parents give far more money/coupons for the canteen and other things than they should.

This sort of parenting is not good for your children and you need to make sure that there is a clear understanding about what is necessary and give only that much coupon. Further, this will also present a problem to other parents who do not give unnecessary money/coupons as their wards will say that their friends are getting a lot more money/coupons. Please note that instead of giving in or complaining about the school’s canteen facility, use this opportunity to discuss the importance of money and set essential agreements with your children and discuss with them about how they can avoid falling into the trap of undesirable peer pressure.

Coupon System:

Pantry coupon system has been introduced to avoid loss of cash by the students and also possible misuse by them. Now onwards instead of item mentioned in the coupon along with price, we will have only price mentioned on the coupon (denomination – Rs. 1/2/5/10/20/30). This will also help whenever there is a revision in selling price of any item.

The process of coupon system will be as under:

We have introduced a new system for purchasing pantry coupons through online payment.

Step to be followed for Online Payment:

  • Click on the link “Online Payment Option
  • Click on “Pantry Coupon”
  • To confirm, click on “continue”
  • Enter the Details
  • To confirm, click on “continue”
  • Confirm and click on “Pay Now” button
  • Choose the payment option and click on “Make Payment”
  • After getting the payment confirmation, the coupons will be handed over to your child in a sealed envelope within working days and confirmation will be sent to the parent through communication diary.

Online Payment Charges:

  1. Debit Card Gateway Facility Fee (Visa, MasterCard)

1.00% of Transaction amount for value upto Rs. 2000.00

1.25% of Transaction amount for value above Rs. 2000.00

Will be charged to the customer (parent)

  1. Net Banking Facility Fee

Rs. 35/- per transaction processed

Will be charged to the customer (parent)

  1. Credit Card Gateway Facility Fee (Visa, Mastercard)

1.75% of the Transaction amount

Will be charged to the customer (parent)

Please Note: – * Service Taxes as applicable will be charged on the above

Apart from the online payment option, coupons can also be purchased through cheque payment option.

Step to be followed for Cheque Payment:

  1. Parent has to collect the coupon requisition slip from the conductor of the respective bus.
  2. Fill the required information in the coupon requisition slip and put in the envelope along with the cheque.
  3. Cheque has to be drawn in the name of “Fountainhead Education LLP”.
  4. The envelope has to be submitted to the conductor of the respective bus.
  5. After getting the cheque clearance, the coupons will be handed over to your child in a sealed envelope within 7 working days and confirmation will be sent to the parent through communication diary.


  1. The minimum limit for coupon purchase is Rs. 500/- for both the options mentioned above.
  2. Middle Year students can purchase the coupons through cash from the Pantry In-charge with a note from their parents via Communication Diary. Timings to purchase coupon is 9.00 am to 11.30 am (Monday & Thursday) from the dining area.
  3. Cash will not be accepted for buying pantry items, students have to buy items through coupons only.
  4. The school takes no responsibility of the safekeeping of the coupons by the students.

Since now we do not have item names mentioned in the coupon, the student can buy anything using the required amount of coupon. Hence the parent & student will be responsible for the choice of item.

Consequences: *: NA