IB Recognition in Gujarat

This section has details about IB’s recognition and placement in Gujarat and FAQ’s related to it. It also has the recognition letters given by universities in Gujarat.

Gujarat Specific FAQ’s:

Q. No. Question Reference Links Your answer
C1 What does the top engineering college, DA-IICT in Gujarat say about the IB? Pag37 in the India Recognition Guide


The admission policy of DA-IICT states that they give admission to IB student with Physics, Mathematics, and Chemistry/Biotechnology/Biology/Computer Science subjects.
C2 What are the highlights of the recognition document given by each of these Universities (or organizations)?

  • Ahmedabad University
  • Nirma University
  • CEPT
  • Gujarat University
  • The MSU Baroda (check the letter date also)

What do the explicit requirements for the IB tell us?

India Recognition Guide (check Index to see where you will find the recognition letter for the specific university). 

Link to the guide given above


  • Ahmedabad University, MS University of Baroda: They approve IB Diploma students as 10+2 equivalent to other Indian school board.
  • Nirma University: Admission to Pharmacy or Engineering requires Physics, Mathematics/Biology, and Chemistry for admission.IB students are equivalent to 10+2 of Indian board.
  • CEPT: Architecture: IB students are considered equivalent to Indian school board and one of the subjects required for admission is  Mathematics with 50 % aggregate marks.
  • CEPT: Design school: IB students are considered equivalent to Indian school board and the subjects required for admission are Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry/Biotechnology/Biology/ Computer with 50 % aggregate marks. All subjects should be at Higher level.
C3 Have students from Fountainhead gone to colleges in Gujarat? If yes, where and for what sort of courses?

Where have all IB students (from all schools in India) got placed in Gujarat?

http://www.fountainheadschools.org/student-services/placements/ Yes, students have gone to colleges in Gujarat especially to PDPU in Gandhinagar, Babaria Institute of Technology near Vadodara, Auro University- Surat, VNSGU- Surat, SCET- surat, Metas Adventist College-SuratThe courses they have opted are Business Management, Liberal Arts, B.Com, Psychology, Engineering.
C4 Have students from Fountainhead gone to colleges in Surat? If yes, where and for what sort of courses? http://www.fountainheadschools.org/student-services/placements/ Yes.

Auro University- Surat (Business management), VNSGU- Surat(B.Com, Psychology (External)), SCET- Surat (Chemical Engineering), Metas Adventist College-Surat (Business management)

IB recognition documents by universities in Gujarat