Nucleus Portfolio App

Nucleus Fountainhead app is for the parents to view their Child’s Compendium (online portfolio) and Profile (details) in the app.

Nucleus Fountainhead also makes it easy for teachers to post their student’s online portfolio. Teachers can easily select entire section or individual students, share images, audio, video, add tags to a post.

Link of the App:

(Minimum android version for this app is android 4.4 )


How it works?
All parents have fountainhead school email-id (parent id), parent needs to login into Nucleus Fountainhead App with their email-id. It will be used by us to authenticate your identity.

Teachers will post collection of student work and other assessment records in the student’s portfolio.

Parents can view their Child’s Profile and Compendium (online portfolio) in the app. For parents who have more than one child in school, there is an account switch facility, means parent can access both the child’s accounts from a single app. Parents can view, like and comment on the post.

For teachers who are also Fountainhead parents they will be able to access both teacher and parent account using switching option.

Other features of App:

  • Diary (Parent-Teacher Chat)
  • Transport Details
  • Academic Results
  • Summative Assessment Result
  • Time and Attendance Detail
  • Push Notifications for portfolios pieces