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Listening to stories from grandma & grandpa is every child’s favorite part of the day. Grandparents of Jr KG students visited the school and narrated tales of little bird to brave ... See more

3 days ago


10 students from G6 will be representing Fountainhead School for the National level dance competition which will be held on 21st December, in Bangalore.
The competition is organised by the ... See more

4 days ago
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Under the TDT 'How the World Works' students of Grade 3 explored the Physics Lab for the better understanding of six simple machines. They explored different types of levers and ... See more

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Parent reflections

  • HRT ( Home room teacher)works very hard to teach our child and we are well satisfied with our child’s growth related to education, learning,discipline and other school related activities. They motivate the child to do/learn other activities like sports,music,stage performance etc. Thanks Fountainhead School team, specially housekeeping, kitchen ,transportation team and all teachers. Special thanks to Head Of School and Management.
  • The teachers’ efforts and dedication are praiseworthy. The students’ awareness of contemporary, relevant issues is also heartening. It appears to be a much better way of imparting education than what we experienced. The school’s emphasis on making the students self reliant and independent is commendable.
  • I am satisfied with what my child is learning and school’s efforts towards the same. School is his first parent.We are really very happy to see our child in very safe hands, our decision to give him excellent education is really going to be fulfilled with this school. Thanks and hats off.
    We are really very very happy with the school’s support towards our child’s education and also for teaching him to be disciplined. We do not spend much time at home with him but we haven’t found him lacking in education and other extra curricular activities. School is the first parent for my child and we are second. This is really proven by you. So we are really very happy.