Maverick Learning Centre

“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.”  

― Plutarch

Living in an era where the world is changing at the pace of light, one objective of the education system is to equip students with one of the most important skills of “learning how to learn”. In an age where everything is just a click away, learning facts has been rendered unnecessary and useless. Keeping these concerns in mind, Fountainhead School has initiated the Maverick Learning Center (MLC)  in 2019. This is a Self-Directed project based learning center which aims at providing a stimulating, encouraging and safe environment for children, where they develop necessary skills to keep up with the changing world while trying to find their passion and becoming experts at what they like.

We believe that every child is born curious and if given the freedom to explore the world without enforcing the walls of fixed content, they tend to indulge deeper into learning what organically interests them. 

Through MLC we hope to create a place where there’s excitement in the eyes of the children, a place where you see their curiosity as the wick of the motivation candle, a place where students are neither bound by the bars of a set curriculum nor by the classes. A space where students do not follow a given roadmap but find their own clues in their treasure hunt of life, a place where they are not bounded by classroom walls but are free to explore and find their true passion. A place where students just don’t look at success as a hazy far end that is to be reached, but a journey where they explore what they like and become expert at it. A place where children experience the love and safety to freely be themselves.