Fee & Imprest Policy

Policy Guidelines:

Please note that fees once paid are refundable under below mentioned circumstances only.

  •         Admission Fees: Non refundable
  •         Security deposit: The security deposit becomes refundable as per refund policy.
  • Fee Payment:
  • Fee payment has to be done in 2 half-yearly installments or 4 quarterly installments.
  • A request for monthly installments needs to be made by sending an email to the school’s email id. (Surat@fountainheadschools.org)
  • Monthly installment will be charged with interest (1.5% on annual fees).
  • If approved, parents will need to give post-dated cheques or enable ECS payment to the school’s bank account.
  • Student joining midterm, will have to pay fee on a monthly pro-rata basis i.e. fee for the balance months remaining in the term.
  • Late Fees: In case of late payment of fees, after the given deadline, the  following late fee charges will be applicable:

Late Fee Charges



Rs. 100/-

Per day (after last date of submission)

Please note that there is a cap on the late fee amount. Delay  will attract a late fee of Rs. 3000/- on the fee amount for a month. If not paid, the same will be recovered from the imprest deposit or security deposit which will then be needed to be replenished immediately.

  •      In case the fee is not paid by 30th April along with the applicable late fees (Rs. 3000/-), even after sufficient reminders the school has the discretion to stop  transportation facility. If still not paid after 15th days, educational services will be discontinued till the fees has been paid. For new admission, if fees not paid by 5th April, admission will stand cancelled.  
  •    Failed Payments: In case your cheque bounces, the school will charge Rs. 500/- as administrative charges for every payment instrument. (it is only applicable for tuition fee payments)
  •   Annual Fee Increment: The school reserves all rights to increase the fees up to 10% per annum on each slab, under a normal economic scenario without any consultation.
  •      Fee coverage: The annual tuition fees does not cover the following:

Items not Included in the Tuition Fees


Education Trip / Field Trip

Kitchen / Food services including lunch

Books and Stationery

Activities/services which are not a part of co-curricular activities related to the board

Any other activities/services/facilities which are declared by Gujarat Government

Any meals brought from home

Prescribed text books (as applicable) and Readers for all Grades (Nursery – G12) which is part of the course work.  (not optional)

Library charges for late deposit or lost / missing book, late fees on account of delayed deposit of tuition fees, recovery of any damages. (not optional)

Bag, shoes, school uniform, sports uniform, sports related materials/ music instruments

All out of town education trips/Nature camps/ Picnics (Day trips, 3-4 days trips or longer duration camps) (Optional but highly recommended)

Charges for expenses incurred for Inter School Events in the Sports & Performing Arts areas

Material charges, books and examination fees.

Registration & Examination Fee for MYP & DP Exams – Charges as per the choice/number of subjects.

Annual Performance costumes, AS Performance (props, rental expenses

Aero-modelling Camps, Robotics Camps, any other workshops etc. (optional)

AS (Arts Special) Classes – e.g. Guitar, Keyboard, Tabla, Percussion, cooking, makers & space, Dance Educational Programme etc

PS classes -Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Athletics, Frisbee, Skating, Volleyball, Table Tennis, etc

  • In case of any external medical attention given to the student (inside or outside school premises) then primary first aid expenses up to Rs.500/- can be borne by school and rest will be borne by the parents and the school takes no responsibility towards the same.
  •   There may be optional expenses which if the parents opt for their child, will be charged extra.

Important Note: The fee for Grade 10 & 12 does not include the external examination fee (MYP & IBDP final exams). The fee for external exams is charged by IBO which the school pays directly to them. The school has no share in this fee.

The fee details for MYP & IBDP final exams are given below:

MYP Examination fee:

  • MYP e-assessments will be approximately Rs. 45,000 to Rs. 55,000 which will have to be paid in G10.

IB Diploma Programme Examination Fee (Grade 12) – Homepage → Admission → Fee Structure

  • The fee structure given above is in Singapore Dollar-SGD (IBO). The fee conversion (in Indian Rupees) depends upon the fee rise by IBO (if applicable) and currency exchange rates.
  • Additionally, approximately  Rs. 15,000/- to Rs. 20,000/- will be spent for CAS activities.
  • The school will send information to pay the external exam fee well in advance but if the parent fails to submit the fee by the deadline then the late fee will be charged by IBO as mentioned in the external exam fee structure given above.

Imprest: ‘Imprest deposit’ is collected from the students at the start of every academic year along with the 1st Installment.  The objective is to avoid cash transaction between student and school for various activities conducted during the entire academic year.


Additional Service Package (ASP) – Optional

In addition to the education fees, parents can opt-in for the ASP which consists of:

  • Transportation (regular + field trips)
  • Food (one lunch)
  • Standard AS & PS activities (external AS is charged additionally @ 10,000/- per year)
  • Career counseling fees (Grades 7-12)
  • Stationery

The Additional Services Package can be opted out ONLY for the whole year.

ASP amount will be required to pay for the full year along with the 1st  installment.

ASP opt out Policy

Why we recommend that you don’t opt out of the ASP

Transport (regular and field trips):

  • Parents will be responsible for picking up and dropping of the child on a daily basis, including field trips.
  • Vehicles that drop the children will not be allowed within 200 m of the school gate (under all weather conditions) to ensure safety of the other students and to ensure that buses have enough space to enter / exit the school gate and internal roads.
  • No vehicle should be parked on the Gram Panchayat road leading to the school gate as the Panchayat is likely to take action against blocking of the road.
  • Students will be the responsibility of the parents as soon as they leave the school gate.
  • No student will be allowed to drive a vehicle to school.

  • It is cheaper for the parent to use the school bus service.
  • The school bus service is safer with compulsory seat belts and a lady attendant on board.
  • Students learn to use eco friendly mass transport service thus reducing their carbon footprint.  
  • Students learn discipline by taking bus at a fixed time, they learn to be comfortably uncomfortable with the weather .


  • The student opting out of the school food will need to bring his/her own food from home.
  • Tiffins or lunch boxes will not be allowed to be sent later to the student.
  • Further, the student needs to move to the dining areas to eat their own meal so that we are able to manage the logistics of the rest of the students effectively, who now eat in their own classes.

  • The school menu  is planned to ensure that students have a seasonal, fresh and complete meal in school.
  • Food made at school will be fresher compared to food sent from home.
  • Students learn to eat with their friends in class instead of being alienated and eating alone
  • Fussy eaters will become more picky about their food choices when supplied with home food on a daily basis.

Extra-curricular activities (AS/PS):

  • PS & AS classes are applicable from Grade 1 & 3 respectively.
  • Students opting out will be required to go to one common area where they will be asked to sit quietly under the supervision of an adult.

  • Each student learning a specific art or sport is part of the vision of Fountainhead School for its students to develop leaders with character and competence. AS and PS offers students an opportunity to identify their strengths and talents and also serves as a platform for future recognition in these areas (national, state level, district level competitions etc).
  • Loss of productive time in school as students will have to sit idle.

Career Counseling (Grade 7-12):

  • Students will not participate in any career counseling activities – whether they are career counseling sessions in group, expert panel sessions, one-to-one sessions, aptitude tests, Naviance access.
  • For DP students, the school will only be responsible to giving students the predicted grades, transcripts and letter of recommendations which are necessary. School will not give guidance on careers or colleges, or help students managing their applications.

  • Identification of strengths, abilities and areas of interest is an important support for students to make conscious and informed career and subject choices.
  • The school counseling team is better equipped to guide students and parents as they liaison with teachers, principals and parents regularly to recommend  a best fit of student’s interest and university choice. We strongly recommend seamless integration of academic team and counseling team for synergistic outcome for every student.
  • External career counseling services are far more expensive.


  • Stationery comprises of set of notebooks, project book, graph book, portfolio, folder, pencil box etc.
  • Student will be eligible to the above mentioned package
  • Buying stationery from outside may fall expensive compared to stationery given from school as the school purchases in bulk and passes the discount to the parent.
  • Students may ask for fancy stuff which may fall more expensive.


*Grade wise list of stationery items available on website


  • Security deposit is refundable as per the refund policy. Please refer to the policy given below for more details.
  • The school management has the right to implement changes to the fee structure. If the government brings in any new regulations or introduces some new taxes or changes in the existing one (e.g. service tax on tuition or transportation fee etc.) then the same will be passed on to parents and is applicable from whichever date it becomes effective.
  • Please note that the tuition fees once paid are refundable as per policy only.

Refund Policy:

School will deduct administrative charges as per slabs given below if the parent inform us that they want to withdraw the admission after the specified date of confirmation from our end.

Rationale: We are at risk of losing a student as we might not get admission for the vacant seat. In this case the seat will remain vacant for the rest of the year. Also there is a cost incurred due to last minute changes in bus stop, other internal processes etc. This policy is applicable only to all new admissions:


Slabs and Scenario of admission cancellation

Deduction of Admission Fees & Security Deposit

Request received after admission confirmation till 28th February

15,000/- will be deducted  (which included admission fee + security deposit)

Request received from 1st March till  fIrst week of June (before school reopens)

30,000/- will be deducted  (which included admission fee + security deposit)

1st installment of tuition fees not paid by 5th April

The admission stand cancelled on 6th April and the seat will be allocated to another student. Hence, full 30,000/- will be deducted from admission fee  & security deposit and the rest will be refunded.

1st installment of tuition fees paid but wish to withdraw the admission. Request received from school between 1st March till  first week of June (before school reopens)

30,000/- will be deducted  (which included admission fee + security deposit)

1st Installment of tuition fees will be refunded.

The student comes to school even for a day after the school reopens.

60,000 /- will be deducted  (which included admission fee + security deposit)  + 1 month tuition fee will be deducted and balance tuition fees will be refunded

The student does not come on the first day of school in spite of paying the tuition fees and there is no information to school from parent’s side

Admission will stand cancelled within 2 days of school reopening.

60,000 /- will be deducted (which included admission fee + security deposit)

1st Installment of tuition fees will be refunded

Registration amount (form fees) – Non refundable in all cases.

School Leaving Certificate:

Application for Leaving Certificate

Application should be given 1 week in advance by filling up the LC Application form available on the  school website. LC will be issued if and only if all dues are cleared. This includes tuition fees, late fees, other fees, any damages, library fines, and outstanding amounts for any events, activities, camps, etc. In case the dues are not paid, then the same sum will be deducted from the security deposit, if the student is eligible to get the security deposit. The effect on the fee & security deposit on the day of application is given here:


LC Application Period

Current Academic Session (Term-1)

1 June – 31 October

Current Academic Session (Term-2)

1 November – 30 April

After the Current Academic Session

1 May to 31 May

Leaving Certificate will be given

Within 5 working days

Within 5 working days

Within 5 working days

Fee Refund

(1st& 2nd Instalment)

Tuition fee will be refunded on pro-rata basis. Pro-rata basis should be calculated on a monthly basis. i.e. if a student leaves in between the month, then it will be considered as a full month

Tuition fee will be refunded on pro-rata basis. Pro-rata basis should be calculated on a monthly basis. i.e. if a student leaves in between the month, then it will be considered as a full month

Not applicable

Security Deposit

To be refunded along with the LC

To be refunded along with the LC

To be refunded along with the LC

Please note:

  1. LC can be issued automatically under following conditions:
    1. If the parent has not deposit the fee till the time given to them, it will be adjusted from the security deposit and LC will be issued.
    2. 2 reminders will be sent to the parent to collect the LC from school after that it will be sent to their address through registered post.
    3. If a student is absent for more than 15 days without information then the school will send 2 reminders to submit application mentioning the reason for absence after that LC will be issued.
    4. If a student has left the school without giving information to school and school has got the information from other sources then LC will be issued to the student.
    5. After issuing LC to the student and informing the parents about the same, the records will be deleted from the nucleus.  
  2. Once the LC is issued and you decide to readmit the child, then we will consider it as new admission.
  3. Leaving Certificate will not be issued with a counter sign of the District Education Officer (DEO) since the school does not fall under the purview of district/state education authority.
  4. No Objection Certificate (NOC) issued from Government of Gujarat, which allows us to run a primary school with an IBO affiliation, will be given along with the Leaving Certificate or soft copy through email (if requested by student).
  5. Copy of PYP & MYP Authorization Certificate endorsed/attested by a govt. authority will be given along with Leaving Certificate.
  6. Admission Fees: Non refundable.
  7. Refundable deposit: The refundable deposit becomes refundable only when the child leaves the school. It is refundable given that all fees have been paid in full – subject to deductions for replacement, repair and damage to school property including library books, computers etc.

Important Points:

  • For existing students – if parents do not apply for LC till June / July  or have not paid the fee without any valid reason informed beforehand or do not give any information about withdrawal of admission, then after giving parents verbal and written (both email and letter) intimation, we will strike off their admission if there is another student waiting. This case can be considered if the parent has informed us about the delay – because of possible transfer / delay in decision but they have to send a written communication to school in form of email / letter.
  • In case the fee is not paid by 30th April along with the applicable late fees for the next session, the school, using its discretion, will issue a Leaving Certificate for the student. Prior intimation will be given and confirmation will be taken for the same from the parent. In case the LC is issued by the school, the student will be treated as a new student applying for admission. Admission Fees will be charged as per prevailing admission policy.
  • If for some reason a student wants to retain admission but can’t attend school, the parents may apply for the same with the reasons.
    • If the extended leave is approved by the school management, then the seat will retained for a maximum for one year after which a leaving certificate will be issued unless the student attends school. Fees will be charged as for any other student during this period.
    • If the extended leave is not approved by the school management or if the student hasn’t attended school without any information, then the school can issue a leaving certificate (even if the parent has not applied for it). In such a case, if the student wishes to rejoin school, then it will be treated as a new admission according to the standard admission policy.

Refund of Security Deposit:

  1. Parents need to email the cancel cheque  for refund amount, along with LC application.

2.Once all the dues are cleared, amount will be transferred in their respective account. (as per cancel cheque submitted by the parents)

  1. In case, if parents are unable to come & send their authorised person to collect the cheque ,it will be handed over to that person only if he/she have authorised letter from parents which has parents signature as well as collecting person’s ID proof and signature.
  2. This cheque is valid for only three months from the date of cheque mentioned on it. If parents do not deposit this cheque within 3 months then school will not be liable for any further payments.


Authority Letter Format for Security Deposit

Date: 22.03.2017.
Sub.: Authority letter for collecting LC & Security deposit & balance imprest if any. 
Dear sir, 
With reference to the above-said subject, we are hereby authorized Mr. _____________ for collecting of LC & security deposit cheque of my ward, whose signature is appended below for your reference. 
Please handover the same to the bearer of this letter. 
For << Parent’s Name >> 
Authorized Signatory. 
Signature of Mr.



Dear Sir,

We hereby confirm that, there are dues pending / not pending pertaining to ____________________________________________Grade______Section_________________ Student Id:___________________________account.


Amount (Rs.)

Authorized Signature

Tuition fees / Late fees / Imprest


Storeroom (Communication diary, I cards, Sports Wear etc.)


Class Readers


Class Library


Library books


Damage to school Property


Class Readers books


Last working day of the student is ____________________________.

Recommended to issue L/C

Signature of AGM (ADMIN)

NOTE: Accounts to issue Security Deposit refund cheque only when this sheet is signed by AGM – Admin.

Received full and final payment

Parent Signature:


Date: ___________________
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