Staff Alumni Testimonials




Ms. Ekta Chhabra worked at FS for 3 years she left due to her husband’s job transfer.

Dear Ma’am,

It has been years since I left the school and the city, but my heart lies in FS. My three year stint in the school has been an enriching journey throughout. 

I still use the learnings from FS ( which helped me evolve professionally and personally) in my present life and share my learning with others.

The exposure I received in your esteemed institution has helped me thereafter . Wherever I applied I received applause and bagged a job in no time. 

However, I haven’t yet got job satisfaction , as no school has been able to achieve the benchmark which FS has set.

I wish someday life gives me an opportunity to come back and be a part of the FS group.

Thanks a lot for the life classes , workshops , our extensive and ongoing training , sports day for the staff , karma kitchen experience and not to miss the occasional workout sessions too. 

The school has made a conscious effort in helping in the overall development of all its employees. 

Even the kids learn simple lessons of life , apart from being confident  learners.

I wish you and Sir all the best for taking the school to new heights .


Ekta Chhabra




Ms.Ayman Shaikh Mahmood worked at FS for 9 years she left FS to take a break and later she wanted to try her hand at freelancing English speaking workshops.She and her son Abizer ShaikhMahmood who also worked at FS were pursuing a course called CELTA:

Ayman wrote this after she completed her course. 

Dear Sir

The reason I am writing to you is I want to share some insights on how great you are doing at FS in preparing us teachers too for facing the world. Everyday we have assignment submissions and teaching practices and lesson plans to submit in addition to the input sessions. We are almost drowning in submissions and deadlines (karma is having the last laugh here and I am paying for my sins for being so ruthless with my children). But both Abizer and I are able to cope with the rigours because of our FS training. Almost everyone else gets resubmissions on their assignments except us because the tutors expect thorough research and perfect citations and bibliographies. We are able to write, cite and submit without much hassle. We know our way around technology because of FS. Everyone else is fumbling with google docs and slides and what not and it is so easy for us. Another area where we are able to sail through is writing self reflections on our teaching sessions, observations for our team mates and giving and receiving critical feedback. FS has provided us with a solid thorough base which makes everything easier. 

The other day we were introduced to Kahoot and Padlet and Class dojo etc and we sailed through.  We were able to show them more features than what was planned for and everyone was mighty impressed. 

Last but not the least I want to thank for the wonderful work environment we have at FS. Everyone bitches about how unreasonable their superiors and colleagues are, how one cannot trust anyone and how each one is on their own and they are at their workplace only because of some compulsion I couldn’t comprehend their plight. I could sympathize but not empathize because I have never faced such stifling situations at FS. The kind of transparency we have at FS is unparalleled and I consider myself privileged to have been at FS for 9 glorious years. Thank you for creating this place. 

Extended essays and IAs practice not only comes in handy for students but for us as well. I can’t emphasize enough how much that training has held me in good stead here. The requirements for the course are really demanding but  I am coping only because of my FS training.






Ms. Mythily Iyengar worked at FS for 3 years. She left FS as she got married in Chennai.

Dear Sir & Ma’am

I hope you are doing well. I am doing good in Chennai. Exploring new places and new culture. 🙂 

I would like to tell you thank you for our FS culture which groomed me and also made me very open minded. I find it missing here in few schools. I visited 3 schools for my interview and found the culture very different from our FS. 

  1. In our FS we treat everyone equally, that I always felt it’s so common sense, we need to treat everyone equal what is there to learn. We should never humiliate anyone, never try to put anyone down, or never raise voice on students and make them understand with a lot of patience.. I thought these all things will be there in every school and what is there to learn as these are all basic. But as per my observation things are quite different outside FS world. FS world is quite welcoming and respectful for employees, students and all stakeholders. I can proudly tell this to anyone whom I meet. 🙂 

Understanding how not to differentiate with cast , respect support staff or any person whom we come across , having your breakfast and lunch with any staff or students no matter what one’s designation is, is what I feel lacking in other schools. I am missing it badly.  

For me as of now everything is new, city , place , people and culture. So majorly I am facing lot of new things which are very strange and new to me but slowly I am understanding that , might be the working and treating people pattern is very much the same outside FS, may be we were treated so well in FS that we never got a chance to see what is going on in another organization. 

  1. The respect and the choice of words which our FS team leaders use with their team members is something very remarkable. I started feeling this is the only way 1 person should treat others with respect, but outside FS things are quite different. The team leaders do not respect the team members and their choice of words are quite rude. 

Really missing FS , its culture and the blessed team leaders who always helped me to groom myself well. Due to the experience with FS I am called a quite different girl ,with lot of questions making them think too much.  🙂 

Again all thanks to my FS. – which is all due to you both – Vardan & Ankita Kabra. 🙂 

Thank you


Mythily B