Fountarts_and_craftsainhead School gives a lot of importance to the professional development of new teachers throughout their work span from the date of joining, to build and sustain a professional learning community. Our goal is to develop human potential in a continuous effort to become and remain an institute of excellence in education. Professional development seeks to improve the knowledge and skills of teachers through a variety of internal and external human resource development programs.
The ongoing program includes training, practice, and feedback, giving opportunities for individual reflection, placing group inquiry into practice, coaching or other follow-up procedures, opportunities to interact with peers focusing on students' learning.

Training at Fountainhead includes the following:
New Teacher Training Program:

All new teachers have to undergo a 10-week training program immediately after they join Fountainhead School. This includes 4 weeks of classroom exposure along with the theoretical aspects.
The training has been divided into 2 parts:
1. Understanding about school and teaching and learning. This module includes 2 subsections:

    • School Background  teachers_training
    • Philosophy
    • Organizational Values
    • Policies
    • TLIM (The Leader in Me) - understanding primary greatness and 7 Habits (By Stephen Covey)
    • Classroom Management
    • Routines & Procedures
    • Tasks related to teaching and learning
      • Teaching Skills
      • Language Skills
      • Math Skills
      • ICT skills

Extensive Teacher Training Program:

  • classroom_hapinessIn-house workshops, either conducted by senior teachers, the PYP coordinator or the
  • HOS to enhance the language, refine mathematical skills, update new teaching strategies, How to become an effective teacher,
  • Teachers also get an opportunity to attend workshops conducted by other schools/ institutions/ organizations in other cities. They then replicate the workshop and share it with other teachers. For more details on the workshops, refer to the List of Workshops (in house & outstation)
  • At least once in 18 months, we have in-school workshops organized by the IBO for the PYP. We have 2 - 3 different workshops being conducted simultaneously. The workshop leaders generally are trained workshop leaders from India and abroad, nominated by the IB regional office.
  • Beyond the school itself, teachers regularly attend the regional workshops conducted by the IBO.

Team Building Activities:

Nurturing students starts from nurturing teachers, so we conduct team building activities like leadership meet, staff sports day, nature camp, adventure activities which help our teachers to become socially adaptable people within the school fraternity. These activities bring them closer and motivate them. It improves relations and strengthens the bond among the employees. Everyone strives hard to achieve a common goal. The chances of confusion, misunderstandings decrease and help increase effective communication.

Self Developement Programme:

Our goal at Fountainhead School is to develop human potential, not only professional but also personal, in a continuous effort to become and remain an institute of excellence in education. Keeping that in mind we conduct Life/Love Workshops. Through these workshops, we help every individual

  • Ensuring physical fitness through the Gym & gaining the right eating habits with the help of the Gym Instructor, who shares best practices regularly.
  • Organizing summer camps with the broader idea of – “BEING FIT”, where the leaders take INDIVIDUAL RESPONSIBILITY. This includes games like- dodge ball, ice and water, and throwing the ball. Laughter, cheering, motivation, and the most important element of these camps is “FUN”.
  • Encouraging staff members to participate in marathons (Mumbai and Surat) and providing training for it by professional trainers, gym instructor, and PE coach for running e.g. Stretching, plyometrics, and core body strengthening to avoid injury and enjoy injury-free running.
  • Helping staff members be money-wise by creating awareness sessions for all. Support them in planning and execution, for savings and tax planning by professional experts because our school follows the principle of Earn – Save – Spend.
  • Help discover every individual’s mission and passion in life.
  • Help them find dreams and gain the confidence needed to achieve larger-than-life, impossible-sounding dreams!
  • Ability to think for oneself.
  • Be inspired and inspire others!