Fountainhead School


Bus – Food Policy

Objective: The objective of this policy is to allow students to eat food (as per food policy) in bus but with expected behavior e.g. no littering and spreading dirt. Applicable to: This policy applies to all students Value (s) guiding policy: a) Value Term: Excellence b) Why: Always implement practices that continue to produce valued outcomes. Rationale: We have received feedback from students and few teachers that the students get hungry after the school and therefore wanted permission to be allowed to eat in bus during travel time. Policy Guidelines: We have considered the suggestion and decided to lift the ban of eating in the bus. The students will have to follow rules mentioned below to maintain cleanliness and discipline in bus.
  • Only healthy foods like fruits, peanuts, brown bread items will be allowed in the bus.
  • All junk food like wafers, biscuits, white bread items, chocolates, and liquid items will not be allowed.
  • No sharing of food or passing of dabba in bus
  • No throwing of food at each other or throwing anything out of window.
  • If anything is dropped/spilled then the student responsible has to clean the same
Consequences: Didis will have full authority in the bus to:-
  • If students are found misbehaving, throwing around food at each other, didis will immediately report it to Operation Manager and Home room teacher.
  • Confiscate prohibited items
  • If any student is found doing the above mentioned things, first warning (by driver/didi) will be given and particular student will not be allowed to eat in bus.
  • 2nd warning – Student will be referred to the principal.
  • 3rd warning – Parents will be called and disciplinary action will be taken.