Fountainhead School


Indemnity Policy

Objective: The objective of this policy is to indemnify parents against any claims made by them from any accident or incident that may occur during the course of normal school activities. Applicable to: This policy applies to all parents and students. Value (s) guiding policy: a) Value Term: Responsibility b) Why: To inform parents beforehand about situations which may arise in future? Rationale: This policy ensures that parents and students are aware of the conditions / expectation from them before any trip/camp/picnic. Policy Guidelines:
  • We agree to my child’s participation in all activities in house and outbound field trips for educational purposes, as a part of regular school programme.
  • We understand that adequate and appropriate supervision will be provided. We recognize, however, that unanticipated situations and problems can arise on any trip, where situations or problems are not reasonably within the control of the supervising teacher(s) or staff (including volunteers). We further agree to release and hold harmless the school authorities, staff, teachers and volunteers, & vendors conducting the field trips/ camps from any and all liabilities, claims, suits, demands, judgments, costs, interest and expense arising from such activities, including any accident or injury to the student and the costs of medical services. In the event of an injury requiring medical attention, we hereby grant permission to the supervising teacher(s) or staff (including volunteers) to attend to my son/daughter.
  • For all outbound (out of Surat) field trips /camps/ picnics etc., the school will only seek permission for going to the same from the parents. Once the permission is given, the indemnity clause as stated here in the above will apply to all such trips. No separate consent form /indemnity form will be sent for the same.
  • We agree to all the above points mentioned herein above the indemnity form and school will not held responsible for any loss or damage or injury of whatsoever nature caused to the student in school or during outbound field trips.
We have understood all the sections and points above and we fully agree to abide by the same:
Name of the child:_____________________________
Seeking Admission to class: _____________________ PLACE: __________________________ DATE: ________________ NAME AND SIGNATURE:FATHER’S or GUARDIAN’SNAME AND SIGNATURE:MOTHER’S