Nucleus App

Fountainhead School has released a new app by the name Nucleus and a new web-interface of Nucleus. 

Both App and web-interface have same modules/features. Large data/reports can be easily viewed in web-interface. Web-interface can be accessed through PC/Laptop and even on mobile phones.

App/web-interface will replace current parent Nucleus and School Blog from Next Academic Year (June 2019).

Link to the App:
(Minimum android version for this app is android 4.4 )

Link to the web-interface:

How the app works?
Parent needs to login into Nucleus App with their email-id (parent id – and password. It will be used by the system to authenticate user’s identity.

For parents who have more than one child in school, there is an account switch facility, means parent can access both the accounts from a single app. 

Module/features available in app/web-interface:

Main Menu

  • Student Profile – This section features details like Grade, Section, School-Id, Date of Birth, House, AS/PS (if applicable), HRT/Mentor Teacher, Subject Teachers and Class Buddies
  • Fees Details – This section features Year-wise Fee Details and Imprest Ledger.
  • Transport Details – This section features detailed Transport Information like Route Name, Stop Name, Pickup time and Drop Off details.
  • Academic Result – This section features year and term-wise Academic Result. Parent can also download the Result from here.
  • Summative Assessment – This section features Current Year’s term-wise Summative Assessment Result.
  • Timeline & Attendance – This section features Year-wise Grade-Section and attendance details.
  • Request Forms – This section features list of Request Forms like Student Leaving Certificate, Personal Details Update Form.
  • Menu of the Month – This section features Menu of the Month (current month)
  • Student Calendar – This section features Student Calendar
  • What’s New – This section features latest update of the App. As the App is in development phase, many modules will be added over the time. Parents can take a quick look at this section so that they can know what are the latest modules that have been recently added in the App.

Student Compendium:
Teachers will post collection of student work and other assessment records in the student Compendium (Portfolio). Parents can view, Like and Comment on the post. 

Diary is one-to-one Parent Teacher Chat. If a teacher has initiated the Chat, parent can reply on the same. Parents can also initiate a new Chat with Teacher by selecting the Teacher whom they wish to chat with. Diary will replace current Daily Diary from next Academic Year (June 2019).

Class Updates:
Teachers will post Class related communication in class updates example: Class Highlights, Circle Time etc.

Parents receive app notification when a teacher posts a Portfolio piece and when a new Diary entry is made by the teacher.

The app is in developmental phase so we will be releasing new module/features frequently. List of upcoming modules is given below:

  • Student Homework/Assessment:- It will replace Blog – Homework/Assessment from the next Academic Year.
  • School Announcement:- It will replace Blog – Announcement from the next Academic Year.
  • School Updates:- It will replace Blog – School Updates from the next Academic Year.
  • Nucleus Forms

In case of any issue while accessing the app, kindly fill in the Feedback form. We will be happy to assist you.