Using Nucleus

What Nucleus does?

Nucleus is all you need to communicate with school as a parent. It has in-built features that allows parents to communicate with their teachers in the form of online Daily Diary, raise tickets to the admin staff and keep track of all of them. It also contains a special section called ‘My Child’ which gives a complete portfolio of your child including attendance with the help of interactive charts.
Future scope of Nucleus includes but not limited to – Attendance Reports, Fees Reminders, Bus stop change requests etc.
Steps for using online Daily Diary in Nucleus
Please follow the steps below, to start using online daily diary for communicating with your child’s teachers.
Steps for using Daily diary

  1. Login in your Gmail account with your parent id. in the format eg.
  2. Open in a new tab.
  3. Click on Sign-in with Google+
  4. Click on the ACCEPT
  5. Click on “My Child” tab (at the top)
  6. Select Daily Diary.
  7. You can add a new Record by clicking on “Add a new Record” Type your message, Add Staff by typing name of the Staff, click on Save.
  8. To reply to a message from the teacher, or see the teacher’s reply, click on “Add/Show Comments” and write your reply and click on “post comment

And in case you want to see a demo, please see this screencast: