Fountainhead School


Nucleus App

Fountainhead School Nucleus App/Web-interface details:  

  • Android App – Scan the QR Code given below and Add Nucleus to Home Screen.

  • iOS App Link
  • Web-interface: can be accessed through PC/Laptop and even on mobile phones.

How the application works?
Parent needs to login into Nucleus web-interface with their parent-id ( and password. It will be used by the system to authenticate user’s identity.

Module/features available in web-interface:

Main Menu / Icons

  • Student Profile – This section features details like Grade, Section, School-Id, Date of Birth, House, AS/PS (if applicable), HRT/Mentor Teacher, Subject Teachers and Class Buddies
  • Portfolio – Teachers will post a collection of student work and other assessment records in the student Portfolio. Parents can view, Like and Comment on the post.
  • Fees Details – This section features Year-wise Fee Details and Imprest Ledger.
  • Bulletin – Must Know and Good to Know information for parents will be posted here.
  • Diary –Diary is a one-to-one Parent Teacher Chat. If a teacher has initiated the Chat, parents can reply on the same. Parents can also initiate a new Chat with a Teacher by selecting the Teacher whom they wish to chat with.
  • Menu – This section displays Menu of the Month (current month).
  • Homework – Homework added by Teachers  will be displayed.
  • Observation – Student’s Observations added by teachers will be displayed.
  • Goal – Student’s Goals added by teachers and students will be displayed.
  • Tasks – Student’s Task added by teachers and students will be displayed.
  • Academic Results – Student’s Year-wise Academic Result will be displayed here.
  • Request Form – This section features a list of Request Forms like Student Leaving Certificate, Personal Details Update Form.
  • Calendar – Student’s Calendar will be displayed.
  • Timetable – Student’s Timetable will be displayed.

Nucleus App PPT:

Parents receive mail notification when a new Diary, Homework, Announcement, School Update entry is made by the teacher/staff.

In case of any issue while accessing the app, kindly fill in the Feedback form. We will be happy to assist you.