Fountainhead School


Concession Policy for usage of IT devices

Objective: To allow the students to use Laptop/computing device in class. Applicable to: This policy applies to Senior School students. Rationale: Today we find that some students in the middle school dealing with certain difficulties in writing so the school has decided to allow them to use iPad, laptop in the class (under certain guidelines) While this policy is applicable only for few students right now, but the usage will increase in future so this policy has been devised for much larger usage of IT devices – including the internet by students. Policy Guidelines: Students –
  • This concession is applicable for only students who face serious difficulties in writing tasks, for example, spelling mistakes, grammatical error, poor handwriting and unable to manage time due to these limitations.
  • This concession can be given only if the parent/guardian of the child could produce a formal testing report (Psychoeducational Test Report), preferably conducted by a Psychologist, stating the need to provide alternative measures other than manual writing.
  • This concession is available in grade 10 (students appearing for Board exam) but only for those students who have diagnosed with Learning disability. But in grade 7,8 and 9. This concession could be given to a student, only if s/he is facing serious writing issue.
  • In the class, a laptop should be used for typing class notes, completing classwork and assignments only but with permission from subject teachers.
  • The laptop shouldn’t have an Internet connection. The school wi-fi network login and password will not be given to the student. And parents must ensure that they don’t send any wi-fi attachment along with the device. For any research work, the child needs to go to the ICT.
  • Any games should not be on the laptop/iPad
  • Only the Counselor, Special Educator with approval from the respective Principal have the right to confer the concession to any particular child with similar needs.
  • The HRT, Counselor, Vice Principal, PSP or HOA needs to sensitize the class for the same in advance as and when required.  
  • The laptop can be opened in class only with the teacher’s permission
  • The laptop cannot be used in the bus or free periods.
  • The laptop can be charged in the class or in the special education cell within the presence of the student.
  • The school takes no responsibility for the safety of the laptop. It is entirely the student’s responsibility. The respective students must, therefore, take a locker in school so that they are able to store the laptop.
  • Each laptop must have a user login – with a proper password (to be checked by the IT team).
  • Student carrying laptop need to follow certain process in daily routine to avoid theft/damage / misuse or any other issues i.e.
    • To keep the laptop in their bag/class or in any other place when they are around but they will be responsible for the same.
    • To keep the laptop in the locker in between classes or during breaks.
Standard Operating Procedure:
  1. The device must be checked by the school’s IT team for games, objectionable content. Further once in a while, IT team will do the audit for the same (apart from regular checking by the teachers).
  2. Parents will be informed by the teacher for the problem faced by student and the concession policy.
  3. The teacher will provide a hard copy of the policy to the parent and student so that they read and understand it.
  4. Both (Parent & Student) must sign this policy as undertaking then they will be given one copy of the signed undertaking and school will keep one copy for our record.
Consequences: *:
  • The laptop may be checked from time to time by the school ICT team for objectionable content,
  • If the student is found misusing this concession, this concession/ privilege will be taken away from the student. And further, if a seriously objectionable content is found, then disciplinary action may also be taken on the student.