Public Display of Affection Policy


In order to maintain a professional atmosphere of learning, mutual respect and safety in school, students should refrain from inappropriate, intimate behaviors on campus or at school-related events & activities. Students are expected to conduct themselves respectfully at all times.


  • It is acceptable to demonstrate care for each other in physical expressions such as friendly hugs or pats on the back or shoulders. All such contact should be open and inclusive within a social group to be acceptable.

  • Intimate physical expressions of affection (hugging, holding hands, kissing, embracing) are not permitted at school, in the school bus or on any school activity (including the night out, nature camps, field trips, out of school events and competitions).

  • Lying down with another student; hand on another’s lap; sitting on another’s lap is also not acceptable. Touching in sexual ways either under or through clothing is not acceptable.


Students involved in inappropriate expressions of affection will be spoken to privately and respectfully with a view to modifying their behaviour and educating them. Continued failure will be considered as discipline violation and will result in parent notification and consequences as outlined in the discipline policy.