Toys & Gadgets

The objective of this policy is to avoid any interruption/distraction caused by toys & gadgets in class or school.
Applicable to:
The policy is applicable to all students.
Value (s) guiding policy:
a) Value Term: Responsibility
b) Why: Take responsible action to make things change for the better for everyone.
In the beginning of the year, we allowed various toys in the school. However, what we have noticed that toys and gadgets have become more of a distraction for students than any value that they might have. Many students fidget with toys/cards during classroom periods and there are often unhealthy interactions with their peers over toys/gadgets / cards.
Policy Guidelines:

  • Students are not allowed to bring any gadgets (PSPs, Playstation, I-pod, I-pad/Laptop (allowed grade 5 onwards to be used inside the classroom only. For MY students, refer to Usage of laptops & Internet in school policy), mobile phones etc. and toys (cricket attacx cards, playing cards, UNO cards, Beyblade, cars, dolls, Scoobie, marbles and rubric cube. etc) to school. If any student is found with any of the above items in school or on the bus then it will be confiscated permanently. In the case of any costly items, one warning will be given. However, beyond that, no warnings will be sent. The school is not responsible for any lost/ damaged etc. and will play no role in recovering the cost or new equipment from the person who has lost it.
  • In rare cases if students have to bring mobiles phones for communication for safety purposes, then parents should send prior information (note, daily diary, email) and the phone should be off once inside the bus and should be handed over to the HRT first thing in the morning.
  • Confiscation of devices such as mobile phones (1st Instance – this includes instances across years and not limited to 1 academic year), iPods, hard drives, pen drives will be done for a 1 month, after which parents have to come and pick up the device. It should be stored in Vault and the Coordinators are responsible for the same.
  • 2nd Instance (for mobile phones) – It will be confiscated and will not be returned to the student or parent. It will be given to charity.  
  • The school has started issuing play equipment to students during their play break in school, recess times as well as free periods.
  • Play items e.g. Volleyball, Football, Cricket bat, tennis ball, softball, and Frisbee are available with our security guard (Outside Atrium near admin area)
  • The students will need to submit their I-card and issue the item desired from the Main Security Desk (near the Atrium) and they must return the item to the same place to collect their I-card. Any play equipment carried by the students inside the school building will be confiscated it belonging to the student. If the equipment belongs to the school, then that particular student will not be issued any play equipment further on.
  • If any student misplaces the play item issued from school, they either have to replace it or have to pay the actual cost of the item misplaced.
  • Teachers, please remind students about play equipment and re-enforce the policy.
  • Parent-teachers are not allowed to let their child play games on their mobiles on the bus because a mobile is a gadget and therefore Play Guidelines and Rules/Toys & Gadgets Not Allowed in School policy will be applicable.


  • If any student is found with any of the above items in school or on the bus then it will be confiscated permanently. In the case of any costly items:
    • 1st instance, it will be confiscated for one week.
    • 2nd instance, it will be confiscated for 1 year.
  • We will be donating such items to any charitable institution after every PCM/PTC/Goal Setting (8 times in a year).

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