Uniform Policy

The objective of the uniform policy is all the students to be in uniform every single day during the whole academic year.
Applicable to:
The policy applies to school, parents, and students.
Value (s) guiding policy:*
a) Value Term: Fairness, Win-Win
b) Why: To find a balance between the necessary uniformity and comfort for the students that suits the various seasons and purposes (sports, PE).

Students are required to wear Fountainhead School prescribed uniform. Wearing a school uniform gives students a sense of belonging towards the school and prevents competition among peers in the matter of dress and therefore reduces costs for parents/guardians. Also, school children can be easily identified in uniform.
Policy Guidelines:
All students are expected to be in the right Uniform on all days of the year starting from day one. Uniform includes pants/shorts, well-ironed t-shirt, shoes, and winter jacket/sweatshirt. HRT/ Uniform leader will check that students are wearing the complete uniform daily or not. In addition please follow these procedures:
For all students:

  • Well ironed uniform.
  • Label all belongings (Yarn Paint can be used for shoe labeling)
  • Black socks should always be worn with school shoes (HRT’s must check especially when the student is wearing short pant). The socks can be of any brand/fabric but they should be black.
  • Black shoes should be worn from home every single day, only if they are wet any sports shoes can be worn.
  • Nails should be short at all times.
  • Uniform wet, not ironed etc. excuses are not acceptable (order and buy another pair).
  • School shorts (with the Fountainhead logo) are acceptable as school uniform on a regular basis as per the wish of the student. During field trips (for e.g. if they are going for a field trip to the zoo) students should wear school uniform full pants (denims or any other full pants are not allowed) unless it has been specified by the teacher that they can wear shorts (Full Pants are compulsory during practicals in the science lab even if it is their final exam, IA submissions etc., and for the field trip. If they are not carrying full pants with them on the day of field trip they will have to remain in school.) Even during the PS classes students can wear school shorts with school uniform t-shirt or their house t-shirt. Students are not allowed to wear school shorts in the science lab. They have to wear school uniform full pants only.
  • During assembly slot, students can be in shorts or full pants.
  • House T-shirt  It will be mandatory for all the students to buy these house t-shirts. Students are required to wear them for all inter-house events in order to be categorized according to their respective houses. This t-shirt can also be worn during their PS classes. Students can wear either house t-shirt or school uniform in the school. They are not allowed to wear any other sportswear or t -shirt specifically designed for particular sports or event even though they carry a school logo. They have to compulsorily wear school shorts/pants.
  • School shorts (with the Fountainhead logo) are acceptable as school uniform on a regular basis as per the wish of the student. During field trips (for e.g. if they are going for a field trip to the zoo) students should wear school uniform full pants (denim or any other full pants are not allowed) unless it has been specified by the teacher that they can wear shorts. Even during the PS classes, students can wear school shorts with school uniform t-shirt or their house t-shirt. Students are not allowed to wear school shorts in the science lab. They have to wear school uniform full pants only.
  • Floaters/sandals can be worn only during rainy season.
  • Wrist watch can be worn from Grade 3 onwards. Students are not allowed to wear Smartwatches/ Fitness Bands of any brand (for instance Fitbit, Apple, LG, Samsung or any such brand). Instead, they can wear a simple wrist watch if they wish to do so. If a student is observed wearing Smartwatch, it will be confiscated.
  • School bag should be as prescribed by the school.
  • During the winter season, the students are not allowed to wear any jacket/sweater other than the school jacket. If observed, it will be confiscated.
    • Thermals (only black, white and grey colours) can be worn inside the school uniform, irrespective of whether school jacket / school sweatshirt is also used or not. Please note that this means that students can not wear full t-shirts / sweatshirts of any other colour.
  • If they wish to wear shorts during PE / Sports, the student must wear the shorts provided by the school.

Rules for accessories & dressing up for everyone:

  • All students can keep any length of hair as long as the hair doesn’t fall over their face or forehead. That becomes a practical issue while studying/reading / playing. Students must use black pins or black hair bands only for this purpose.
  • If hair is below shoulder length, then to ensure the above it is recommended that the hair is tied in one or two ponytails or in plaits with black rubber bands.
  • No coloring of hair or hair extensions
  • No nail polish, lipstick, tattoo, hair color, perfume.
  • No jewelry except simple studs for ears/nose. No other body piercing is allowed.
  • No tattoos, body sprays (body spray is allowed for grade 5 & above students).
  • Kajal and mehndi are allowed.
  • If they wish to do so, students are allowed to wear head scarves, turbans, or skull caps as per their beliefs, as long as it does not obscure the school uniform. Anything which obscures the uniform partially or entirely or comes in the way of any academic or non-academic activity is not allowed. These rules will be applicable on the bus as well.
  • Students might also wear full sleeves in winter / as required. Only gray/black/white color inners can be worn inside the school t-shirt.
  • Students are allowed to use only wired headphones/earphones. The wireless headphones/earphones if used by the students; will be confiscated.

Important Note:

  1. If a student is wearing a coloured rubber band, coloured hair pin or a coloured hair band, there will not be any warnings given for it. A black coloured rubber band, hair pin or a hair band will be issued from the school store and the amount will be deducted from the student’s imprest account. Also, if the socks worn by the student are not predominantly black, a new pair of predominantly black socks will be given to the student and the amount again will be deducted from the imprest account.
  2. If a student is not in complete uniform which includes the school bag (for Nursery to Grade 4) and shoes, excluding the things not allowed (as per the details are given in the poster), then
  • For the first two instances, verbal warnings will be given to the student.
  • On the third instance, the parents will receive a DD from the HRT.
  • On the fourth instance, the student will not be allowed to attend school. In this case, the parent will have to come to school and take their child home

The revised uniform policy for shoes states that:

  1. Students can wear shoes of any brand, provided they are completely or predominantly black. Velcro shoes are also fine as long as they are predominantly black however for sports purpose, Velcro shoes are not advisable. (Refer Annexure 1 and Annexure 3)
  2. Socks should also be completely or predominantly black. (Refer Annexure 2)
  3. During wet and rainy days only, students can wear footwear that does not soak. Floaters and Crocs are recommended. Slippers/ chappals are not allowed.
  4. If students need to wear cleats for Football or any specialized footwear for other sports, they need to carry it and wear it during PS classes. They should come to school in school shoes and need to change back into their school shoes after the PS class.
  5. Students will not be allowed to wear floaters/sandals / slippers in school. They can take their school shoes off in class if they wish to, but they need to wear it before stepping out of the class. (Rationale: in real life too, at the workplace etc., one should always be inappropriate footwear. One may take off their footwear for some time to be comfortable and relaxed (if that’s their preference) but we all wear our footwear before moving about)
  6. Students cannot be roaming barefoot or in socks in school. This includes any place outside the classroom including corridors and toilets.

If a student is not following the uniform policy for shoes as outlined above, the school authorities (including transport staff) have the authority to do any of the following:

  1. Not allow the student to board the bus.
  2. Not permit the student to attend classes.
  3. Call the parents and ask them to pick up their child from school.

Important Note: We would like to clarify that shoes are the student’s personal belongings and s/he is supposed to take responsibility for the same. Please label your child’s shoes. Please note that there are few places in the school like X-box, Pulse etc. where students need to take off their shoes. However, the school takes no responsibility for the student losing their shoes from any place in school. Parents are therefore strongly advised to buy school shoes within a reasonable budget as we will not be responsible if the student loses any expensive branded shoes in school.

  1. Why has the school changed its shoe policy?

We have done this because we had some students complaining that the Adidas shoes recommended by the school are bulky. We also had multiple instances of shoes getting mixed up, lost due to students not being able to identify their own pair. In addition, some students were misusing the floater’s concession to not wear school shoes at all. We hope these issues will get resolved with the new policy.

  1. Can I continue using the Adidas school shoes?

Yes sure! that is absolutely fine.

  1. Won’t this policy lead to peer pressure and demand for expensive shoes?

Parents need to understand that they will face a lot of demands from their child for shoes, clothes, devices, bikes etc and be prepared to handle the same.Have a serious conversation with the child on what their demand is if it is reasonable, is it affordable and whether it is needed at all. Use these moments as learning opportunities to teach your child about self-worth and not attaching a lot of importance to material objects.
Annexure 1: Samples of sports shoes that are predominantly black.
Annexure 2: Samples of socks that are predominantly black.
Annexure 3: Samples of what is not predominantly black:

Annexure 4: Samples of Floaters, clogs and Kadee ballet (crocs bellies), bellies of any other company/brand:

Annexure 4: Samples of Chappals and Slippers (Not Allowed:

Consequences: PYP *:
The student, if found violating the uniform policy will be given a warning and a note will be sent home in the communication dairy. In the second instance, the student will be asked to sit in the admin area and the parent(s) will have to come and pick their child up from school, hence missing classes. The same consequence will be applied thereafter for all such violations unless there’s a genuine reason for a limited period of time.

  1. After 3 warnings, PO-PYP will inform you through a mail that a particular child has violated the policy 3 times and hence the HRT needs to send a warning note through the DD mentioning to the parents that 3 warnings have been issued and the next time, if the student is found to violate the policy, they would have to come and pick up the student from school and that action needs to be entered in the sheet by the HRT.
  1. 4th instance, HRT has to send the student to the admin area; inform the admin people about the same. They will call up the parent and send the student home.

Process for students not following uniform policy:

Mentor teachers will either bring the student to the front desk (in which case the front desk will register the name) or they can send the students at the front desk (communication to front desk via a phone call to the front desk or else an email to support@FS whichever the mentor teacher is able to do).
It is the mentor teacher’s responsibility to make sure that students reach the front desk or else information is sent to the front desk about students who are supposed to report to the front desk. In case some students are missing in the b/w, then the Senior School PO will find those students.
The student will be asked to sit in the admin area till parents come and pick him/her up.
If parents do not come, the student will have to sit in one of the huddle room till 3.15 pm. Front desk staff will monitor the students.
If parents come and give uniform/shoes (as per uniform policy) students can change and go back to their respective class
Front desk will maintain a record with all details (name, timings, reason)
Students will sit in huddle room and can go out only for snack/lunch break.
Students can not use chrome books/laptops. They can, however, read textbooks or do their school related work using pen and paper only.

Consequences (Senior School) – if not wearing full school uniform pants:*
Students will not be allowed for the following things if not wearing full school uniform pants:

  • To do practicals in the science lab even if it is their final exam, IA submissions etc.
  • To go for the field trip. They have to remain in the school.

Consequences: *: Tatoo & Hair Colour:
Colouring hair is against dress code so the student has to color her hair to black or should stay at home till her hair regain natural color.
The same applies with the tattoo, the student has to remove the tattoo and should stay at home until the time the tattoo is removed.
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