Fountainhead School


Parent Undertaking

Objective:The objective of this policy is to inform parents about the philosophy / terms & conditions of admission/school policies and take acknowledgement from them. Applicable to: This policy applies to all parents. Value (s) guiding policy:
  1. Value Term: Excellence, Win Win
  2. Why:
    • Be clear and firm about approach and offerings while representing school to any parent.
    • Providing prior information to parents avoid any misunderstanding in future.
Policy Undertaking Guidelines: General:
  • We have read and understood the admission procedure of Fountainhead School, and we agree to follow it.
  • We undertake that admission of my child to Fountainhead School is subject to the age of the child as given in the birth certificate being true and accurate. All other information submitted is also true.
  • We understand that false representation of facts and/ or canvassing for admission to the school, in any form, monetary or otherwise, will lead to disqualification of this application form for admission now, or any time in the future.
  • We undertake to respect the school’s philosophy and what it stands for. We will also abide by the rules of the school, if my child is admitted to the school.
  • We agree to my child’s name and/or photograph/video appearing in any of Fountainhead School brochures, publications, media such as internet, TV, newspaper etc. without the need for any prior approval from us.
  • We understand that all Policies are subject to change as per the schools requirements.
We undertake to read, understand, clarify and abide to all the policies that are not included in this undertaking.
  • Timings & Duration (Refer to Policy)
  • Fee Policy (Refer to Policy)
  • Transportation Policy (Refer to Policy)
  • Food Policy (Refer to Policy)
  • Educational Philosophy (Pg. No 78)
  • Indemnity (Refer to Policy)
Educational Philosophy
  • The school follows an educational philosophy which may evolve from time to time to ensure that the children get the best possible education. Therefore it is important to understand that while the school currently has a planned structure for the boards of education that it will offer (and the curriculum that goes with it); some minor as well as some major changes may take place over the years because of the changing nature of the environment around us. Therefore the programs that we are offering may change as we progress and the curriculum will change along with it.
  • The management has the right to retain the work books / activity books / any materials used by the students in class and use the same for promotional purposes.
  • The school is the only authority to decide upon and implement the curriculum for every class.
  • The school’s educational beliefs and value systems have already been outlined in the brochure and also available on our website of which all parents should have a copy of. Parents must understand the same and agree with the same, while also understanding that changes in the same may happen over the year.
  • Language is an important component of the education and some common & persistent issues are addressed here:
  • English is the medium of instruction. However, usage of Mother Tongue (for those children with mother tongue other than English) in school is also encouraged where the need for expression is more important than the language being used. The school therefore believes in a healthy mix of languages being used inside the classroom by the students and at times also by the teachers, especially in the early formative years where English is a new language for most children.
  • The school will also give priority to the steps as listed below as natural language development also happens in the same order (which are simultaneous but cannot be preceded). Therefore you will find a lot of emphasis on first giving the child exposure to the English language (listening & understanding) inside and outside the class and then on speaking & reading and lastly on writing. This is especially true for the younger children whose motor skills are not ready for writing.
    • Listening
    • Understanding / Comprehension
    • Speaking
    • Reading
    • Writing
  • The school does not focus on superior hand writing ability. It does focus on neatness and legibility. But given the decreasing importance of manual writing in today’s environment, the school shall only put limited efforts on beautifying the child’s hand writing.
We have understood all the sections and points above and we fully agree to abide by the same:
Name of the child:

Seeking Admission to class: