FS Placements

Our students have got placements in some of the best universities in India and abroad. Not only the students going abroad but even those staying in India have got confirmed admissions even before the results. This goes to show that a large number of our DP students are being placed in India. It is important for parents to note this since many of us seem to have a perception that students of IBDP do not have higher education opportunities in India. 

While most students of the graduating class have secured placements in colleges in India and abroad as per their preferences, due to the delay in admission processes as well the pandemic, some students haven’t yet made their final decisions. Normally 40-50% of students go to colleges abroad but this year we expect it to be lesser. Some students who have got offers from universities abroad are either deferring their admission or choosing India given the pandemic situation. The current final placement details can be seen below.

                                                                                        Placement Update
Details                                   No. of students
Students who accepted placements offer from Indian Universities                                                 41
Students who accepted placements offer from universities abroad                                                 10
Students who are going to take a gap year (These students are clear about taking a gap year to explore their interests, to build skills or planning to apply in the next intake or prepare for the entrance exam)                                                  3
Students awaiting final results / undecided (a few students have already received offers from Indian or foreign universities but either waiting for other universities or still deciding where to go)                                                  1
Total                                                 55
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The final offers will be updated here as soon as we get final confirmation from the students for their pending applications for review. A few students still waiting for further lists to be declared by Mumbai University.

The details given below show the offers received by students as on 20th Aug, 2020 from the universities in India and abroad.

Please see the infographic below to understand the student placements of our previous batches. They have also been offered scholarships and credits based on their academic performance.

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