Wellbeing Counseling

“Maintaining well being is a prerequisite for learning”

We as a school are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment, in which all the students are encouraged to grow emotionally and socially so that they can thrive in school and succeed in life. Any kind of behavior, emotional or learning issue is a risk to the mental wellbeing of the students and school aims to take all the necessary measures to prevent and protect students’ work through the challenges and difficulties of life.

School Counseling Program 

The program is effectively delivered through 

  • Preventive measures – Counseling curriculum (Life classes)
  • Responsive services
  • Collaboration within and outside the school community

Life Class Curriculum 

As a preventive measure, we conduct Life class sessions for students from Early years to DP. The curriculum provides developmental and sequential lessons and activities in the classroom and/or group settings, which address student development in personal/social domains. The topics for the sessions are decided and planned based on the need assessment results. 

Topics include – Bullying, self-esteem, coping with emotions, coping with stress, effective communication, jealousy, and relationships, etc.

For Early Years and Primary Years, the sessions are spread across the year and are taken during dedicated slots for Life classes.

For Senior School, Life classes happen thrice in a year on particular days dedicated to it.

Responsive services

Responsive services consist of strategies and interventions that school counselors use to address individual student problems that deter student success in personal/social development. School counselors identify barriers to success and acknowledge the challenges that students face on a daily basis. They work with students to remove these barriers and challenges through individual and group counseling, consultation, crisis intervention as appropriate and referrals as needed.

We have a dedicated space for counseling. Every student who visits us receives the privilege of confidentiality. When a student speaks to the counselor, whatever the child says is kept as private as possible. However, we encourage the students to share that discussion with their parents. If there is a major concern, the counselors contact the parents. 

Students can visit the counselors after taking permission from the HRT. Meetings are scheduled in such a way that learning loss is minimal. Counselors and students work together to solve an issue. 

We also meet students who are going through a crisis. We make ourselves available if a student is having a rough day. We also try our best to follow up with these students throughout the year. 

Sometimes we also meet students individually to practice social skills.







Collaboration within and outside the school community 

It focuses on services to students through follow-up studies; school and community orientation to the comprehensive school counseling program; leadership to school on student needs and resources; consulting with teachers, school administrators and parents regarding students’ needs; and collaborative and advocacy efforts within the school and community agencies.

 Add ons

We also provide the following services for all the stakeholders 

  • Sexuality education
  • Parenting workshops and circles
  • Cyber awareness programs
  • Teacher training and awareness workshops 
  • Teacher/staff counseling

Connect with us

Please feel free to contact us at any time during the year, if you have any concerns or questions. 

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