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Values arise out of what we believe to be important about people, society and about learning and knowledge. A school’s vision and mission statement indicates its core values which inform and support the way the school develops.

Every decision and every interaction that takes place in Fountainhead School reflects the values of the individuals involved and the collective values of our school community. It provides us a framework for learning and personal development which, in practice, the school community share and agree on. In order to be professional and ethical it is important that each school member practice these values so well that even if no policy or procedure manuals are available, we would still make the best decisions based on our understanding of these values.

The values have been chosen after brainstorming with all the staff members. FS values has an acronym FRREWILS (freewills). These values while interconnected with each other, represent different dimensions of the way each member of the Fountainhead team must always abide by in letter and in spirit. Every Fountainhead team member is expected to display these values:

  1. Fairness: I am fair and just to all & I expect to be treated the same.
  2. Responsible: I fulfill the roles entrusted to me with complete responsibility.
  3. Respect: I accord respect and dignity to all including myself.
  4. Excellence: I endeavor to excel constantly in all spheres of my work.
  5. Win-win: I synergize with others to achieve results and to forge relationships.
  6. Integrity: I do what I say.
  7. Learner: I always explore new opportunities to learn.
  8. Sustainability: I always think from long term view point instead of short term before making any decision.

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