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What our current staff has to say!​
What our ex-staff has to say!

Fountainhead School has prepared us for facing the world. Assignments and submissions during our coursework seem like a breeze due to the rigorous training we received at FS. We have been able to produce perfect assignments just because of the learnings that we have received from FS. Writing, citation, and submission are at the back of our hands, thanks to the extensive use of technology at FS. Self-reflections on teaching sessions, observations, and feedback is another area through which we sailed easily. The use of online apps and tools is something we are aware of due to our days at FS and hence that too has become easier.

The work environment at FS is transparent and employee-friendly so work does not seem like a hassle and leads to better growth of individuals in person and the organization as a whole. The kind of transparency we have at FS is unparalleled and it has been a privilege to have been working at FS for 9 glorious years. Thank you for creating this place. 

Ayman Shaikh Mahmood

It has been three years since I left school but FS has not left me. The learnings that I have gathered from the institution have helped me evolve personally and professionally. Bagging a job has been easy and my work has been appreciated wherever I joined after working at FS. To add on, working has been easy but cannot say the same about deriving job satisfaction. I wish someday life gives me an opportunity to come back and be a part of the FS group.

Thanks a lot for the life classes, workshops, extensive and ongoing training, Staff Sports Day, Karma Kitchen experience and not to miss the occasional workout sessions too.

The school has made a conscious effort for the overall development of all its employees. 
Even the students learn simple lessons of life, apart from being confident learners.
I wish Ankita mam and Vardan sir all the best for taking the school to new heights.

Ekta Chhabra

Chennai has opened new opportunities for me and I can’t thank FS enough for making me what I am today. The schools that I have visited here lack the culture that I enjoyed at FS. Thank you, FS for making me the person that I am today and for grooming me in the best possible way. At FS there is no differentiation whether you belong to the support staff or the admin, all are treated as the same. Employees are given respect and feedback is a means which helps people grow. The FS world is quite welcoming and respectful for employees, students, and all stakeholders I wish the same was true for other organizations. Due to the experience with FS, I am called a quite different girl, with a lot of questions making others think too much. 

Again all thanks to my FS. – which is all due to you both – Vardan & Ankita Kabra 🙂

Mythily Iyengar