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Grade 1 organized ‘Sweet making’ event as a part of Diwali celebration. Parents enthusiastically participated in the event and prepared Traditional Indian Sweets, in school, for the students.
Students enjoyed viewing the process of preparing the sweets and relished them happily.
The event would not be possible without immense support from parents. Thank you for being a sport!

Evelyn Jones
Grade 1 Coordinator
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#Certificate of Recognition from Future 50 Schools Shaping Success by 'Fortune India' and 'Univariety'

We are glad to announce that Fountainhead School has received the Certificate of Recognition – Future 50 - Schools Shaping Success by 'Fortune India' and 'Univariety'. The felicitation ceremony took place at the Grand Hotel, New Delhi. This award is conferred to progressive schools across India offering the National and International Curriculum.

We have been honored with a Certificate attesting our school as a forerunner in shaping student success. Importantly, the world will see our school listed as one of the Top 50 Schools in Fortune India's special Exchange edition.

It is a unique, one of its kind school recognition to honor schools that prepare students for the 21st century and have the vision to craft 'Student Success'. These schools are the ones that have gone above and beyond in providing their students an environment where they are able to optimize their intelligence and become the brightest version of themselves.

The jury, comprising of Ms. Lata Vaidyanathan (Director, TERI Schools), Ms Priyamvada Taneja (Reg. Manager- Fieldwork Education), Prof. Rishikesha Krishnan (Director IIM Indore), Ms Ruchira Ghosh (Reg. Director, CIE South Asia) and Dr Sumer Singh (Ex-Principal Daly College and Education Consultant) completed scientific evaluation based on data collected in context of curricular, co-curricular and sports achievements of the students. Based on the claims submitted by the school, the evaluation team reached out to students and teachers for validation and confirmation.

Ritu Khanna
Career Counselor
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Appreciation and Gratification to Senior School Students.

As we all are aware that Senior School students had their service session on every weekend for about 3 months from July to September.

Well their efforts have paid off and we have received enormous response and appreciation from NGO schools. Children, staff and management is extremely happy with the kind of activities planned for them.

Here are few testimonies from various school principals.

1. “Our students have been singing songs and dancing on the tunes that your students have shared with them the last weekend, it is a sheer delight to see this rare joy in them !”
Principal of Barbodhan Municipal School

2. “Surprisingly, it is the first time we are having nearly 100% attendance in all our classes, and we could not be any more thankful to Fountainhead School for adding the joy of giving and receiving within them !”
Principal of Mor Tunda Municipal School

3. “The children have become much more interactive with their parents, sharing their experiences with them, showing off their new dance moves (laughing) and singing new tunes of joy. We are immensely happy to see our kids !!!”
Principal of Orma Municipal School

Kudos to all senior school students; you have done an excellent job and we are proud of you..!!!

Events Team.
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Fountainhead SchoolOctober 3, 2017 at 10:29am
Creative Mela 2017 18
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Fountainhead School
Fountainhead SchoolJune 13, 2017 at 2:25pm
"Back to school" | Surprise picnic (Senior school) video
"Back to school" | Surprise picnic (Senior school)
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Fountainhead SchoolJune 13, 2017 at 2:25pm
First day of school (Early years)
First day of school (Early years)
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Fountainhead School
Fountainhead SchoolDecember 29, 2016 at 1:15pm
“An equation has no meaning for me unless it expresses a thought of GOD.”
- Sir Srinivasa Ramanujan

Every year Fountainhead School celebrates National Mathematics Day on 22nd December, the birth anniversary of the man who knew infinity, who amazed the world with his mathematical knowledge - the great Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.

This event was celebrated with high esteem and with enthusiastic participation by the students of Grade 7, 8 , 9 and 11 where they explored different areas of Math-

Grade 7 - Math is Fun, Math in Nature, Math and Model making, Walk and talk

Grade 8 - Math in everyday life, Math and Technology, Math and Model making, Derivation of formula

Grade 9 - Math in everyday life, Math and Technology, Math and Model making, Derivation of formula

Grade 11 - Movie watching and reflection on story of life of Ramanujan (The man who knew infinity) and Quiz competition.

With attractive models and activities, participants were able to engage the audience. This event gave opportunities to the learners to work on their Thinking, Research and Communication skills and they also found
demonstrating Learner profile attributes throughout the process. It was indeed an ‘AHA’ moment for all the educators to witness such wonderful exhibition.

Mathematics Team
Fountainhead School
Math Day 2016 17
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Fountainhead School
Fountainhead SchoolDecember 26, 2016 at 2:55pm
Annual Athletics Meet 2016-17 (PYP)

It was a greatly zestful couple of weeks of PYP (Grade 1-6) performing their Annual Athletics Meet. Students from Grade 1 to Grade 6 seemed to have performed their best in terms of Sports. Some won some lost but everyone had something to cherish about this year’s Sports meet.
Games like Hurdles race, 100 Mts race, 200 Mts race, 4x100 Relay race, Ball throw, Shot put, Long Jump, High Jump, Obstacle race, Hop Ball, and so much more to drive your adrenaline for the spirit of Sportsmanship.
And to add to the excitement, we also had some amazingly enthusiastic performances by our FS Parents.

Here we try our best to put up the compilation of all the glimpses to all of those peppy moments.
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