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Dear all,

We are glad to inform that FS laptop donation drive has collected 3 laptops, a printer and a scanner- all in wonderfully working condition.

Extremely grateful to the beneficiaries- parents of- Kinkine Dutta, Preyasi Desai and Aashna Desai. Thank you so much for the thoughtful gift. You exemplify love and charity and your generosity will resonate around you and within us. We loved it and Tamarind Tree people were elated to hear about the gifts received.

If there is still anyone who wishes to make a donation can still do it- just wrap up your device and send it to FS front desk.

Thank you

Fountainhead School
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Fountainhead School
Fountainhead SchoolJune 21, 2016 at 8:49am
World Yoga Day @FS, Tuesday 21st June 2016

Parents, students and teachers of all age group had come together to the fresh morning and practiced YOGA, which was conducted and supervised by our PE Yoga Coach, Akhil Gujarati. Early in the morning was this session held in the Assembly area, where everyone laid their stresses and set them free, breathed the fresh air of peace and silence and brought in great deal of co-ordination and flexibility to their body and mind.

Yoga is celebrated every year to remind us the very pure form of praying our inner strength and calming our senses, only to focus and live each and every breath to its deepest.
There were various Aasanas performed along with OM chanting which brought in very positive vibrations to the entire place and it ended feeling so relaxing and relieving to the body and soul.

Here is a peek to the utterly successful event,,,
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Fountainhead School
Fountainhead SchoolApril 23, 2016 at 2:52pm
Dear Parent,

A glimpse of Grade 6 PYP Exhibition which was held on 14th & 15th April 2016 at the premises of FS.

The hard work had finally paid off, and what a pay off it was, a glorious one indeed !

Parents, teachers, students and every other spectator could not believe their eyes when our highly dedicated students of Grade 6 had put up a display of their annual work. Subjects like Math, Science, Language and Cultural studies were so well explained through various different forms of expression, either through charts, through slogans, or through their amazing photography. The festival ended two days with a lot of music to celebrate the success and loads of appreciation all around and all that everyone could say was, FANTASTIC ! Students had works displayed that showed their trip to Kutch-Patan where they explored their local art & culture, also their local visits to major attractions of the city like the Dutch cemetery & Old city where they photographed some very candid moments of their teachers and classmates eating variety of delicacies that our city SURAT has been known for since ages, along with it students also exhibited lot of their technical curiosity, their love for our history and heritage, their respect for our art & craft and lots more to which we accept to be falling out of words.

So, here are certain moments of the most delightful days of PYP Exhibition you might have missed out and would want to catch up with, so do have a look !!
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Fountainhead School
Fountainhead SchoolFebruary 15, 2016 at 1:54pm
                                  “BAL MELA”  2015-16

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.”  ~Dalai Lama.
Fountainhead school hosted Bal Mela on Saturday, 13th February 2016. The event was a student led event wherein we invited underprivileged children from all walks of life and community to celebrate and enjoy different sports and arts activities. Around 40+ activities were arranged for the children. Along with the student volunteers, the staff of school also made sure that the children could live the event to the best possibility. The event was an opportunity for us to provide space and resources to the underprivileged children to enjoy the joys of their childhood.
On the campus of Fountainhead school, we witnessed the faces of 1456 children light up with joy and ecstasy which gave our event a reason for contentment. Happiness never decreases by being shared, said Buddha, and the day of 13th February proved it to be so right.
 Here is a glimpse from the day of smiles.
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Fountainhead School
Fountainhead SchoolFebruary 8, 2016 at 11:21am
                             KALA UTSAV 2015-16 (Grade 7-11)

Senior school students once again received a platform to perform and exhibit their talents to it’s best, through KALA UTSAV 2015-16 which took place right here at FS on 6th February 2016. Events like Music performances, Drama, Exhibitions of not just their creations but their cooking skills as well, brought once again an amazing weekend to compete and enjoy. Students from Grade 7 to 11 had a lot to show and exhibit from their deposits of great talents, to which the parents were amazed to watch and were left nothing but with great pride to share.
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Fountainhead School
Fountainhead SchoolFebruary 8, 2016 at 10:20am
                                     STAFF EVENING 2015-16

Staff of Fountainhead School revelled in well at the celebration of a day OFF WORK, where the entire FS team had a lot to laugh and giggle at games like Pictionary, Group Juggling, Number game, Guess What? and many such team games to goof up and bring out the child in us, to which the evening of 6th February 2016 was and will always remain a memorable one and shall be in our memories for time to come.
Here is a little glimpse over the day of simple joy and pure laughter.
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