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Fountainhead School
Fountainhead SchoolDecember 29, 2016 at 1:15pm
“An equation has no meaning for me unless it expresses a thought of GOD.”
- Sir Srinivasa Ramanujan

Every year Fountainhead School celebrates National Mathematics Day on 22nd December, the birth anniversary of the man who knew infinity, who amazed the world with his mathematical knowledge - the great Indian Mathematician Srinivasa Ramanujan.

This event was celebrated with high esteem and with enthusiastic participation by the students of Grade 7, 8 , 9 and 11 where they explored different areas of Math-

Grade 7 - Math is Fun, Math in Nature, Math and Model making, Walk and talk

Grade 8 - Math in everyday life, Math and Technology, Math and Model making, Derivation of formula

Grade 9 - Math in everyday life, Math and Technology, Math and Model making, Derivation of formula

Grade 11 - Movie watching and reflection on story of life of Ramanujan (The man who knew infinity) and Quiz competition.

With attractive models and activities, participants were able to engage the audience. This event gave opportunities to the learners to work on their Thinking, Research and Communication skills and they also found
demonstrating Learner profile attributes throughout the process. It was indeed an ‘AHA’ moment for all the educators to witness such wonderful exhibition.

Mathematics Team
Fountainhead School

Math Day 2016 17
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Fountainhead School
Fountainhead SchoolDecember 26, 2016 at 2:55pm
Annual Athletics Meet 2016-17 (PYP)

It was a greatly zestful couple of weeks of PYP (Grade 1-6) performing their Annual Athletics Meet. Students from Grade 1 to Grade 6 seemed to have performed their best in terms of Sports. Some won some lost but everyone had something to cherish about this year’s Sports meet.
Games like Hurdles race, 100 Mts race, 200 Mts race, 4x100 Relay race, Ball throw, Shot put, Long Jump, High Jump, Obstacle race, Hop Ball, and so much more to drive your adrenaline for the spirit of Sportsmanship.
And to add to the excitement, we also had some amazingly enthusiastic performances by our FS Parents.

Here we try our best to put up the compilation of all the glimpses to all of those peppy moments.

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Fountainhead School
Fountainhead SchoolDecember 23, 2016 at 4:05pm
Foire Scientifique (Science Fair)

"Foire Scientifique " (Science Fair) was an opportunity for Grade 8 and 9 students to create a self guided investigation and present their exhibits. Many students choose to conduct projects in areas they were interested in the beginning of the academic session as part of their Internal assessments.
Broad theme of science fair:
Grade 8- R Cube (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle)
Grade 9- Coordinated Science Integration
Students participated enthusiastically and presented their creative models and ideas confidently.

Science Team.

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Fountainhead School
Fountainhead SchoolNovember 21, 2016 at 3:47pm
Children day assembly (Early years)_18-11-2016
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Fountainhead School
Fountainhead SchoolOctober 15, 2016 at 2:27pm
Staff Sports Day 2016-17

Fountainhead School's entire Staff celebrated their Sports day on 15th of October 2016 with great enthusiasm and high energy.
The Sports day commenced at sharp 9 AM, with some new introductions to the list of games such as, Tchoukball, Twist tug of war, Human hungry hippo, Passing the balloon, and other exciting team games like Volleyball, Kho-Kho, Football, Kabaddi & Basketball. All these games were played at FS Grounds & Skating Rink/ Basketball court. Volleyball & Kabaddi as usual seemed to be the star games of the entire event with loads of our staff cheering and playing with lots of excitement. The day ended with movie screening for the Staff at different venues in the school.
Here are some photos of the event for you to have a look at.
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