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It was a memorable experience for most people in the audience to have Dr. N. Rajam - a renowned violinist who specializes in Hindustani Classical music conduct a concert which was more of a lecture-cum-demonstration. This event was organized under the aegis of SPIC MACAY Surat Chapter. Dr. N. Rajam, who is the recipient of many accolades including the Padmashree and the Padmabhushan, presented her renditions on violin beginning with the bhajan "Raghupati Raghav Rajaram" and in no time was able to grab the attention of youngsters from Grade 5 through her tunes. She then went on to play a short piece on Raga Bageshree and then went on to play two more bhajans - Payo ji maine and Vaishnav Jana tau. She was accompanied by Shri Pravin Shinde on Tabla with whom she demonstrated the popular "sawaal - jawaab" i.e. the dialogue between the violin and the tabla.

Dr. Rajam paused at various points through out her recital to explain the nuances of Indian Classical Music to the students and interacted with them regarding how Indian music allows artists to improvise on the spot, the importance of silence and variations in the volume adds to the expressions in music and so on. She also answered a plethora of questions tossed by our Inquirers and catered to their "however simple" questions. The students were exposed to certain lesser known facts about violin such as how Indian music was developed on a Western instrument like violin, that the bow of the violin is made up of horse hair and how she prefers to refrain from fusing Indian classical music with Western classical music.

It is believed to be a great learning experience for all present, especially the students of Grade 5 who deserve a lot of kudos for being such a wonderful audience. The students presented the artists with an artistic greeting card created by them and their own artworks as mementos. A good number of teachers enjoyed the performance as well.

We hope to have many more similar events in the future and hope to include more number of students and teachers to come and enjoy those. (30 photos)
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FS celebrated World Read Aloud Day on Wednesday, 4th March 2015. The whole school was engaged in reading and listening to different stories in a variety of languages, and to sum it up in a was just amazing! The “readers” not being the homeroom teachers, created an interest in students and all were waiting to know who their mystery reader would be - they were our very own administrative staff and single subject teachers.

Students were taken to different areas within the school for the read aloud; the younger students were quite accustomed to this, but for our middle years and DP students, it was a refreshing experience. It is rightly said that there is no age barrier when it comes to listening to stories and the MY and the DP students were seen glued to their places and patiently listening to the stories read out to them. With some EY and PY parents,who had volunteered to read to child’s class, the sense of pride and excitement on the student’s face was evident when they saw their parents reading a story. Parents’ contribution is like the missing part of a puzzle that makes the whole event a complete success. EY and PY parents are the most enthusiastic lot and can be seen oozing with excitement. They have always played an important part by participating in such events, making them more fulfilling through their contribution, giving it a feeling of wholeness. (16 photos)
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