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Difference between the Personal, Social & Physical Education (PSPE) and Personal Sports (PS)

General Introduction: At Fountainhead, sports team work their level best to ensure each and every student’s fitness level. that is why they have a mission statement i.e. “Fitness for all and Sports for Fit”. Keeping school mission statement in mind: “To nurture leaders with character and competence”, they ensure that all students are at the best fitness level. to ensure this we conduct 2 fitness test in a year and our PS coaches always work on students fitness in Their PS classes. Key Differences:
What is PE at Fountainhead?In IB PYP Physical education is being offered as PSPE (Personal, Social & Physical Education). The IB has provided the guidelines for PE that What is the expected curriculum, How should be executed and how teachers should plan it. IB has provided mainly 3 strands in PE under which there are 5 experiences which are expected to cater in PE curriculum. PSPE Strands: Strand 1 – Active Living : An understanding of the factors that contribute to developing and maintaining a balanced, healthy lifestyle; the importance of regular physical activity; body’s response to exercise; importance of developing basic motor skills; understanding and developing body’s potential for movement and expression; importance of nutrition; understanding the causes and possible prevention of ill health; promotion of safety; rights and the responsibilities we have to ourselves and others towards promote well-being; making informed choices and evaluating consequences, and taking action for healthy living now and in the future. Health-related activities : Students should incorporate a healthy lifestyle. They learn the importance of being healthy by taking care of food, rest and exercise, understanding the importance of hygiene and they also learn how to use a first aid box during injuries.
  • Activities:
    • Hand washing
    • flexibility exercise
    • tooth care
    • routine exercise
    • first aid box
    • difference between unhealthy and healthy food
    • cardiovascular exercise/games like snatching the egg
    • aerobics, dance etc.
Movement Composition : Students learn movement composition which includes gymnastics, dance, and martial art moves. We focus more on gymnastic activities to make our students more flexible, quick and sharp in their movement. Students should be able to perform gymnastic exercises and all hand to hand or hand to neck or hand to waist movements for self-defense.
  • Activities :
    • star jump
    • pin jump
    • different body parts stretching
    • cobra stand
    • shoulder stand
    • forward roll
    • log roll
    • sleeping arch
    • standing arch
    • handstand
    • headstand
    • rolls on the slope
    • gymnastic equipment etc.
Strand 2 – Interaction An understanding of how an individual interacts with other people, other living things and the wider world; behaviors, rights and responsibilities of individuals in their relationships with others, communities, society and the world around them; the awareness and understanding of similarities and differences; an appreciation of the environment and an understanding of, and commitment to, humankind’s responsibility as custodians of the Earth for future generations. Games Students learn indoor and outdoor games to develop social, communication, thinking and self-management skills. They learn the importance of making and applying strategies, fair play, and understanding the strength and weakness of themselves and others.
  • Activities :
    • color-color
    • back to school
    • musical chair
    • ball balancing
    • hopscotch
    • skipping
    • loop the hoop
    • dodgeball
    • langdi
    • dog and the bone
    • sack football
    • tarpoine volleyball
    • raingta football
    • obstacle race
    • 3 legged chain tag, etc.
Adventure Challenges Students learn adventure activities, the importance of taking risks, safety and develop self-confidence, self-management and thinking skills.
  • Activities :
    • Two ropes traversing
    • beam balancing
    • jungle gym play
    • wooden log jumping
    • tunnel crossing
    • river crossing
    • scramble net bamboo climbing
    • traversing using bamboo
    • belaying, etc.
Strand 3 – Identity An understanding of our own beliefs, values, attitudes, experiences and feelings and how they shape us; impact of cultural influences; recognition of strengths, limitations and challenges as well as the ability to cope successfully with situations of change and adversity; how a learner’s concept of self and feelings of self-worth affect his or her approach to learning and how he or she interacts with others. Individual Pursuits Individual pursuit is a strand where an individual student gets an opportunity to work on himself/herself. This includes activities like athletics, swimming, skating etc. At Fountainhead School we mainly cater to Athletics where students learn about their strengths and weaknesses in the activities like running, jumping, twisting. Based on these strengths and weaknesses, students make goals and work on it.
  • Activities :
    • 30 meters running
    • ball throwing
    • ring balancing (25 meters)
    • potato race (25 meters)
    • obstacle race (25 meters)
    • sack race (15 meters)
    • obstacle race (50 meters)
    • 100 & 200 meters, etc.
What is PS?At Fountainhead we offer a range of sports to students so that they can get exposure to all sports and then they can make the best choice of sports for themselves. In Grade 1 all students get exposure of all sports which is being offered in Fountainhead school and then from Grade 2 onwards they are expected to select one sport for him/her self and are expected to learn and excel in that sport at least for a year. This means they would not be allowed to change their sport in between the year. Personal Sports:
  1. Karate
  2. Skating
  3. Football
  4. Basketball
  5. Athletics
  6. Ultimate Frisbee
  7. Yoga
  8. Volleyball
  9. Table tennis
  10. Fitness/ Gym training ( Grade 5 Onwards)
PS consists of a mixture of cardiovascular, endurance, strength training and flexibility exercises that are designed to benefit the whole body for which our instructors try to look for the best training methods known to the fitness world. They put in tremendous effort to coach students in all the sports such that they meet current standards of the games. Students have also shown great interest in this program and evidence for the same is the results of competitions. Fountainhead has reached in national level in most of the games and performed exceptionally well. Fountainhead students have attended 3 international and well-recognized tournaments. And graph is continuously going up¦
Average Time spent in PE/PS activities:
2 PE classes per cycle. Total 20 classes allotted to each strand. 2 PS classes per cycle in PY & in MY 3 classes per cycle. students attend more than 64 classes in PY & 90 classes in MY for their selected sport.