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Pearson BTEC

Fountainhead School is recognized as a center to deliver Pearson qualifications/products w.e.f. 6 September 2019. We are currently offering 2 BTEC National qualification i.e. Information Technology and Creative Media Production.
About BTEC National:
Pearson BTEC Nationals are level 3 vocational qualifications that provide specialist, work-related learning in a range of sectors. Across a range of sectors, BTEC Nationals equip students with the specialist knowledge, practical skills, and understanding they need to progress along with their chosen learning and career paths.
Why choose BTEC Nationals?
BTEC Nationals are career-based qualifications designed to give students the skills they need to move on to higher education or go straight into employment. More employers and higher education institutions than ever before are choosing BTEC-qualified candidates for their academic and practical knowledge and skills.
Where can BTEC Nationals take learners?
When combined with academic learning in a school or college (or as a stand-alone course in further or higher education), BTEC Nationals develop practical knowledge and skills which help learners to prepare for – and progress in – their chosen career.
University Along with A levels, BTEC Nationals are the most widely-recognized qualification to get into university. In 2015, 95% of UK universities and colleges accepted students with a BTEC qualifications, including universities from the Russell Group.
> Find out more about BTEC Nationals and UCAS points Universities have informed us that students who have taken a BTEC National face some difficulties in completing their UCAS application form (referred to by UCAS as the Apply form). This is because there is a long list of BTEC titles to choose from. It is important that students fill out their UCAS Apply form accurately and completely in order to maximize their chances of getting the right offer. To help with this, we have produced the following presentation with commentary that you can use with your students to guide them through the process of completing the Apply form. The presentation runs through one example for students who have taken a QCF BTEC National and one for students who have taken a reformed RQF BTEC National. Career BTEC has earned a worldwide reputation as a premier applied learning qualification because it provides learners with a clear route into their careers. Today’s employers are looking for confident, work-ready employees who have practical knowledge and technical skills that are taught when studying a BTEC.
Currently, We are offering two BTEC courses as mentioned below:
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