Fountainhead School


Parent reflections

I am satisfied with what my child is learning and school’s efforts towards the same. School is his first parent.We are really very happy to see our child in very safe hands, our decision to give him excellent education is really going to be fulfilled with this school. Thanks and hats off.
We are really very very happy with the school’s support towards our child’s education and also for teaching him to be disciplined. We do not spend much time at home with him but we haven’t found him lacking in education and other extra curricular activities. School is the first parent for my child and we are second. This is really proven by you. So we are really very happy.
Parent of Monik Vishal Patel- Grade 6

The teachers’ efforts and dedication are praiseworthy. The students’ awareness of contemporary, relevant issues is also heartening. It appears to be a much better way of imparting education than what we experienced. The school’s emphasis on making the students self reliant and independent is commendable.
Parent of Shubhi Rishi Grover- Grade 5

HRT ( Home room teacher)works very hard to teach our child and we are well satisfied with our child’s growth related to education, learning,discipline and other school related activities. They motivate the child to do/learn other activities like sports,music,stage performance etc. Thanks Fountainhead School team, specially housekeeping, kitchen ,transportation team and all teachers. Special thanks to Head Of School and Management.
Parent of Karan Jatinbhai Viradiya- Grade 4

I am satisfied with the learning concepts, my child grasps easily and learns in the healthy environment school is providing (food ,neatness). Motto is to develop and build the overall personality.. Fountainhead team is working with complete zeal and enthusiasm to give our children 100%…… look forward for more and more … as expectations have gone high….
Parent of Saket Manish Kejriwal- Grade 6

I appreciate personal attention given to my son by his home room teacher (even by didi ). She is aware of even small things of my son like his eating habit at school, how much attention he pays in class during study etc. I like the optimum use of technology made by the school in imparting education. For example, use of computer, ipad etc. I also like the practical approach adopted by school in teaching.
The management of school in each & every area is wonderful. I am really very happy that my child is learning things practically and understanding detailed concept of things. Personal focus on child : The schools HRT ( Home room teacher) knows even small things of child which is very important to improve child’s future.
Parent of Dharm Hitesh Patel- Grade 5

The school encourages each and every child and makes them feel important. Decision of Xbox performance rather than annual function was a lot better and we really enjoyed and want to see more.
My daughter is a little shy and introvert but now I can see her blooming up and becoming more confident.
I must say that Hindi teacher  is very good and my daughter loves to sing all Hindi poems and I never have to remind her, she knows all the poems and even alphabets taught so far by herself so it definitely shows her hard work and dedication. PE teachers are good and doing great job.
Parent of Hetvi Nehat Patel- Grade 6

We are happy with home room teacher. She is always ready to listen to our problems and gives us satisfactory answers. All the subject teachers like Music ma’am, PE ma’am, Dance sir, Hindi ma’am are all very supportive and teach in nice way. My child also feels very comfortable with them. Even class didi and bus didi are very caring. Overall, school atmosphere gives kids chance to growup in healthy environment.
Parent of Vedant Tushar Naik- Grade 6

I am satisfied with what my child is learning and school’s efforts towards the same. I am happy that Fountainhead School gives personal attention to every child and keeps a record of every child’s performance. Fountainhead gives much exposure to children and parents as well. Timings for early years are so convenient that young children can sleep to their fullest and wake up easily. I am very happy with the performance of Fountainhead team as you work on even the personal issues of child.
Parent of Ekansh Manoj Jindal- Grade 5

We are  happy with the curriculum and the way it is being taught. We are happy with our child’s progress and the attention that he is given in his progress by the class teacher. We are also satisfied with the class teacher and the way she conducts the class. All the students are given equal opportunity and the areas that they are weak in, are also covered efficiently.
Parent of Utkarsh Udayan Sharma- Grade 10

The schools method of teaching is satisfactory, it is really burdenless and children love to go to school. I am happy that there are only 20 students in a class so that every student can be given appropriate attention. The environment of school is very pleasant and non polluted.
Parent of Fatema Zakariya Jariwala- Grade 11

I like the different teaching patterns which you are following, I like the way you are making my child independent, especially the efforts taken by class teacher.
I like the school as my child loves to go to school.

Parent of Aarav Peenal Thakkar- Grade 9