Current Openings

Hiring Teachers




  • PHE Teacher for grades 9th to 12th: Should have good subject knowledge – both theory and practical; of no just Sports and Heath Science but also in topics like Nutrition & Biology. Should have good command over English and IT skills. 
  • Hindi Teacher for grades 7th to 10th: Should have excellent subject knowledge, strong command over Hindi and English languages, and good IT skills. 
  • Economic Teacher for grades 11th and 12th: Should have strong subject knowledge on the below-mentioned topics:
    • Microeconomics: Competitive markets: demand and supply, Elasticity, Government interventionMarket failure and Theory of the firm and market structures.
    • Macroeconomics: The level of overall economic activity, Aggregate demand and aggregate supply, Macroeconomic objectives, Fiscal policy, Monetary policy and Supply-side policies.
    • Development economics: Economic development, Measuring development, Role of domestic factors, Role of international trade, Role of foreign direct investment (FDI), Roles of foreign aid and multilateral development assistance, Role of international debt and The balance between markets and intervention.
  • Hiring Product Design teacher for grades 7 to 10: MYP Design challenges students to apply practical and creative-thinking skills to solve design problems; encourages students to explore the role of design in historical and contemporary contexts; and raises students’ awareness of their responsibilities when making design decisions and taking action. Inquiry and problem-solving are at the heart of design. MYP design requires the use of the design cycle as a tool, which provides: the methodology to structure the inquiry and analyze problems; the development of feasible solutions; the creation of solutions; and the testing and evaluation of the solution. In MYP design, a solution can be a model, prototype, product, or system independently created and developed by students. MYP design enables students to develop not only practical skills but also strategies for creative and critical thinking.
  • Product Design: is the study of Product design equips students to manipulate a variety of materials to create tangible products/solutions to solve a problem and meet a need. 
  • Hiring 1 Facilitator for Maverick Learning Centre (MLC): who should have excellent subject knowledge in at least one subject and interest in other subjects – Maths, Science, Design, and Technology. For more information about –
    • Someone who has faith in learning outside textbooks and is intrigued by project-based learning.
    • Someone who believes in his/her ability to unlearn, learn, and relearn.
    • Someone who believes that he/she can connect and enjoys working with students.
    • Someone who has demonstrated the capacity to take up new challenges and is comfortable with working in dynamic environments.
    • Someone who has the capability to understand and acquire new skills and knowledge within a specific time frame.
    • Someone who has displayed the ability to work within a system and yet challenge it where essential.


Engineering, Management Graduates, and Industry / Corporate Professionals (with a strong academic background), who are interested to pursue a career in TEACHING / MLC FACILITATORS are also encouraged to apply for the above-mentioned teaching vacancies.


NoteCandidates who have appeared for the interview in the last 6 months and/or have been rejected NEED NOT APPLY.



  • Discount in Tuition fees: if your child gets admission in Fountainhead and you get a job also, then the child will be eligible for fee-discount.
  • Transportation facility: free transport facility across Surat to employees. No deduction.
  • Day-care facility: experienced staff members and equipped daycare center for Parent-employee; free of cost for children above 18 months.
  • Complimentary and nutritious lunch and snacks at subsidized rates are provided.