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Payment Policy for Certificates & Transcripts:

Current students and alumni of Fountai nhead School can request the following certificates/transcripts based on their requirements.

Fee: It will be charged according to the documents requested by the student as per the table given below.

AlumniCurrent Student
Report Card500/-500/-
School Transcript1000/-
Character Certificate500/-
Bonafide Certificate500/-
Caste Certificate500/-
English Medium Certificate500/-
Migration Certificate (It is provided by CIE / IB once the student clears the examination)500/- (scanned copy from school)
IGCSE / MYP / DP Transcript500/- (scanned copy from school)
IGCSE / MYP / DP Certificate500/- (scanned copy from school)
Eligibility Certificate500/-
No Objection500/-
Qualification Verification for University (Alumni)500/-
Leaving Certificate (Duplicate Copy)500/-

Important Points:

  • The current students (Nursery to Grade 12) need to fill “Other Certificates and Documents Request Form” available on our school website. All the documents are free of cost to our current students except their report cards. Please click on the given link to access this form directly — Other Certificates Request Form
    • The Report card is chargeable as it is already sent to you at the end of the year through email and as it is an important document it is expected to be kept safe. The payment for the report card has to be made through Paytm. The instructions for the same are given below in the “Alumni” payment section.
  • The charges mentioned above are for a single copy only, except the transcript. This means it will be charged separately the number of times you apply for it. E.g.
    1. If a parent requests for character certificate in January and then again in March then they will have to pay the amount twice.
    2. If a Grade 12 parent requests report cards from Grade 7 to Grade 12 then they need to pay Rs. 3000/- (500*6=3000). Condition a. (mentioned above) will also be applicable in this case.
  • All students will be considered as alumni after 3 months of leaving school.
  • After the payment is made (in the case of a report card for current students and Alumni), the parent has to send the transaction id to which will be sent to the accounts department for verification. The document will be given in 2 days after the payment is confirmed.

Alumni – The payment has to be made through Paytm. The instructions for the same are given below.

How to pay the fee on (On the Website)

  1. Log in to
  2. Select “New Registration”
  3. Under the Pay, your fees option, click on “Institute”
  4. Select your institute i.e. Fountainhead School
  5. Select “Fee Details” under Fee details e.g. “Caste Certificate” or “Report Card”
  6. Select Grade under “Course”
  7. Enter your “Full Name” and “Mobile number” e.g. Seema Jain, 8024569820
  8. Confirm the fee details & proceed
  9. Pick your payment option. “Pay Now” with your Paytm Wallet or Debit Card/ Credit card/ Net
  10. Banking: No convenience fee will be charged when you pay your fee with Paytm.
  11. You’ll receive a payment confirmation from Paytm on your registered mobile number and email id

How to pay the fee for Paytm App (Through Mobile App)

  1. Open the Paytm app and click on ‘Fees’ under ‘Recharge or Pay Bills’
  2. Under the Pay your Fee option, Select location i.e. Surat under Gujarat
  3. Select The Institute i.e. Fountainhead School
  4. Select Fee Type under ‘Area’ e.g. ‘Caste Certificate’ or ‘Report Card’
  5. Select Grade under ‘New Registration’
  6. Enter your ‘Full Name’ and 'mobile number’ e.g. Seema Jain, 8024569820
  7. Confirm the fee details & proceed
  8. Pick your payment option. "Pay now" with your Paytm wallet/Debit card/Credit card/ Net banking.
  9. No convenience fee when you pay your fee with Paytm
  10. You will receive a payment confirmation from Paytm on your registered mobile no. and email id.

Note: Now pay your Fee through Paytm at zero convenience Fee.