Fountainhead School


Fountainhead High School Diploma

We are glad to announce that we have been accredited by MSA-CESS for 7 years – which is the best case for any school undergoing the accreditation process for the first time. This accreditation allows us to offer an American High School Diploma to all our students who meet certain credit requirements.
Starting from April 2020, Fountainhead School joins an esteemed list of 6 schools located in India that have been accredited by the Middle States Association – Commission on Elementary and Secondary Schools (MSA-CESS) to offer an American High School Diploma (Grade 9 to 12). You can find the list of accredited schools in India at the MSA-CESS site:
The American High School Diploma is considered equivalent to passing Grade 12 by the Association of Indian Universities, which then would allow our students to apply for colleges in India and all over the world on just the basis of the High School Diploma itself. These are the significant advantages of this accreditation:
  1. This will allow us to offer our students a 12th completion certificate by April itself, which will make admissions to some colleges in India (and abroad) easier. We will be able to offer this diploma to our current batch of Grade 12 (Class of 2020)students as well.
  2. This will allow us to offer a high school program (Grades 9-12) which can meet the needs of a diverse range of students – those who want to take the regular route of full MYP + DP as well as those who take less trodden paths such as project-based learning, career-oriented learning.
To earn this diploma, Grade 9-12 students will need to meet the credit requirements to earn the Fountainhead High School Diploma. The requirements of the Fountainhead High School Diploma can be seen in the document below. Also, the presentation can be referred to understand the gist of it.
Click here to open the document in another window – The Fountainhead High School Diploma Requirements