Fountainhead School


Student consent for taking leadership in school events

This consent assists students, parents so that they understand what are they responsible for providing the services during the event.
You must know the following information in order to be a part of an on-campus or off-campus event:

  • The student volunteer has to take the responsibility of the event by his/her own willingness.
  • The student volunteer will have to manage his/her time effectively as all events related work will be apart from their regular academic and extracurricular schedule. Students will need to balance all their activities appropriately.
  • The student volunteer will not miss classes unless absolutely unavoidable/urgent for any event-related work. They can use HRM slots unless there’s an important agenda e.g. XBox. They should use their breaks for the meetings as they have a good 40-50 min of break which can be used productively.
  • It is a student-led event and they need to conduct those meetings themselves. Teacher monitoring of meetings is neither possible nor required.
  • The student volunteer can not use event-related work as a reason to not do homework, assignments or examinations.
  • The school will not be held responsible for any meetings that the students hold outside of school related to events.
  • The student volunteer is not expected to use event-related work as an excuse for unnecessary meetings with friends at public places or otherwise.
  • The student volunteer can not use cell phones for event related work in school. It can be used only if there is an urgent requirement with prior permission with staff event incharge. Also for bringing gadgets like I pad, I phone, cameras and desktops(CPUs) prior permission is needed.
  • It’s a school event so it has to be of great quality. Whatever work is required must be done in time and with quality.
  • The school’s reputation is in the hands of student volunteer. So s/he must act, behave and talk appropriately and responsibly at all times.
    Any promises that student volunteer makes must be well-considered and cleared with the teacher mentor beforehand.
  • The student volunteer will need to work with other students and teachers effectively.
  • In short, the student volunteer needs to practice the school mission statement, showing primary greatness through the practice of the 7 Habits.
  • The student volunteer must get parental consent for the event volunteership and submit the signed document to the teacher mentor.
    Once the parent and the student volunteer have signed the consent, they can not withdraw from it. If the student withdraws from the event at the last minute, s/he will be barred to participate in any other event for the academic year.

Name of the Event:_______________________________________________________
Dates & Timings of Event: ____________________________
Event Location: _________________________
Name of student: ______________________________________
Grade & Section: _________________________
I ______________________, agree to abide by the school guidelines and accept responsibilities of the position of________________________ for this event.
Signature of the Student: ___________________________
I ____________________________, have read and understood school guidelines and as a parent, approve my child’s volunteership for the above mentioned event.
Signature of the Parent: ____________________________